Sam Warburton ruled out of final test with injury

Lions captain Sam Warburton has been ruled out of the final test against Australia after suffering a hamstring injury in Saturday’s narrow 16-15 loss.

Warburton remained in Melbourne after the match under the supervision of Lions team doctor Eanna Falvey to undergo a full medical assessment and a scan confirmed a significant tear in his left hamstring.

He will remain with the tour party for the Third Test in Sydney on Saturday.

Warburton said, “It is incredibly disappointing to be ruled out of the tour through injury as we head to Sydney for the deciding match. I wish the team all the best and hope I can play some part in the build up this week. I am confident that the boys can finish the job off and secure the series win.”

Who do you think will play in his place in the final test?

23 thoughts on “Sam Warburton ruled out of final test with injury

  1. Back row should be Lydiate,Tipuric as a genuine open side should come in bad Faletau for his defensive qualities and Sean OBrien should be on bench with Croft .

  2. As much as I like Tipuric would not what to see him in the starting 15, O’Brien at 7, Faletau at 8, and Heaslip at 6. The Lions are going to struggle to win this last game without Warburton on the park.

  3. No question in my mind backrow of Tipuric Faletau and Croft. Saturday’s backrow played their hearts out but were not as smart as the Aussie backrow. We have to do something different next game. AWJ for captain as I’m afraid BOD is showing his age and just isn’t a threat any more so needs to be replaced. What about a complete curve ball to throw the Aussie defensive set up (which has been unruffled so far), Manu Tuilagi and Jamie Roberts to start, that would certainly stir them up a bit (just thinking aloud!)

  4. Losing Warburton is a huge loss, however I don’t think Tipuric is the answer, seeing how Lydiate clearly shouldn’t be playing next week, and we need croft at 6, I reckon we should bring in Faletau and O’brien. We aren’t going to beat australia trying to run around them so I reckon Richie Gray should come into the second row and put tuilagi in for o’driscoll with Cuthbert back on his wing… lets destroy them physically. If we do this, we don’t need a fetcher in the back row because we can simply smash them off every ruck…

    Come on Lions!!!

  5. Not good news, he was fantastic on saturday. I’d have O’brien in, not sure Tipuric brings the physicality that is needed next week, as much as he is an excellent player.

    1. Agreed you’d feel more comfortable with O’Brien playing, he’s also been one of the stars of the tour so if Warbs is injured it seems only right he gets the start.

      1. Completely agree. It is then the back row balance that needs working out. I’d probably have Heaslip and Croft fill the final two spots. Croft because I thought Lydiate was very poor, offered nothing but tackling and still missed a couple, not good enough. Heaslip in, not because he is a better player than Falatau, but because we need as many leaders in the pack as possible with POC and Warbs missing.

  6. Big loss for the Lions. He has been getting better throughout the tour and has justified his selection. Have been really impressed with how he has dealt with the refs – a real understanding of the game.

    Back row make up now – going to be a hot potato amongst commentators. Bearing in mind the balance between choppers, carriers, lineout, etc I would now go for SOB at 7, Croft at 6 and Faletau at 8. I do hold my hand up and admit to changing my mind quite often. Just such a competitive area of the team. This would be harsh on Tipuric, but I also don’t think Gats likes him. Same for Tuilagi.

  7. I’d go for Lydiate, Fale and Tips and yes, I do know what that looks like now I have written it down. Has the balance of defence, ball carrying and 7 style. I can see why you’d get a similar balance with Croft, Heaslip/Fale, SOB as well but I’m sticking with my assertion that overall these 3 players offer a better backrow than the other 3.

    I bet Stuart Barnes is very happy now the stupid little tool.

        1. Really?? Quite apart from the sheer stupidity of the comment, how the hell does he think its a blessing?

          1. Pablito, Barnes point was that this now makes it possible to drop him. So his assertion is that a) Warbs was poor on Saturday (something a LOT of people disagree with) and b) he would never be dropped because he is the captain – something we will never know because he was very good so would not have been dropped anyway.

          2. “Israel Folau is a massive weakness for Australia” S.Barnes

            Stick to being captain hindsight Mr. Barnes.

          3. It always amazes me that he’s managed to create such a long career out of being completely wrong about everything.

  8. To pick up on Roy’s curve ball, JD has good as he has been on tour needs to be replaced, my back line for the next test would be Murray, Sexton (has to offer more)JR (if fit) North at centre Bowe and Cuthbert on the wings, 1/2 FB. Tuilagi on the bench. Pace and Power runing very straight lines. BOD has had his day, nowhere near the starting 23.

  9. I’d go for

    7. SOB
    6. Croft
    8. Faletau

    19. Tippuric

    I think Lydiate has proved he was never ready for this tour (still not over robshaw omission). Heaslip not done too much wrong but Faletaua should be given a shot and i’d rather a tighter 8 with Croft.

  10. Agree on backrow

    6 Croft (lineout was a mess without him)
    7 SOB (we need carriers, we have few)
    8 Faletau (same as O’Brain)

    Tupuric is a great player but he is build for an open game which the lions won’t play.

    As for the backs, I also agree on BOD, he has done nothing, not entirely his fault but he is not threatening the AUS line at all. for me Roberts and Bowe.

    1. They really should be playing a more open game though. With the exception of Hooper, the Aus back row are not that mobile and an more open game would have seen the abilities of North and Bowe come into the game.

      Could also have tested the defense of the two novices in Tomane and the 12 (whose name I cannot spell)

      A tight, defensive game was entirely the wrong option. A blend of power from the forwards and running from the backs was what was needed

      Here’s hoping for Tipuric to be picked next week and the tactical strait-jacket loosened on youngs and Sexton

  11. Have just read a disconcerting headline where a ‘sports reporter’ is championing BOD to be captain for the last test. After last Saturdays performance be lucky to be keeping the bench warm.

  12. Interesting that all the “rate the performance” blogs are limited to the players. I suggest that at the moment Deans is out-thinking Gats (gaining at least parity in the scrum which we all thought would be a Lions strength is a good example). I’m worried that Gats only has a plan A but is selecting the wrong players to achieve it. If he sticks to his guns for the last test we will lose, the Aussies are getting better each time they play, at best we are treading water with a number of players clearly uncomfortable with the game they are being instructed to play.

    1. Think our problem is that all our energies are going into working out what our best team from the available players is. Deans has been largely settled in his mind as to who he wants to pick, so more emphasis goes onto fine tuning a gameplan.

      In many ways the strength in depth some of our squad is becoming a weakness. Virtually every squad member is good enough to play a test match so we’ve spent a lot of time trying permutations and combinations and don’t have any settled units/continuity (sure a few injuries haven’t helped either).

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