Samoa star in All Black touring tirade

Samoa star Eliota Fuimaono-Sapolu has long been a critic of the All Blacks for never having toured the Polynesian islands, but his newest video-rant has taken things to new levels. In the five minute recording, he suggests the All Blacks would have toured Nazi Germany if Hitler was a fan of rugby and had offered them enough money.

While it is despicable that New Zealand continue to ignore such a rugby hotbed for touring, you can’t help but feel he might have gone a touch too far this time. Make up your own mind by watching the video below – but be warned, it might offend.

10 thoughts on “Samoa star in All Black touring tirade

  1. Oh dear, I think he may find himself in a little bit of trouble over this one. He may have a point, but I’m not sure this is the best way to make it.

  2. It’s an insult to Adolf!

    I’m sure the Nazis would’ve toured Polynesia if they could have, but maybe Eliota would have been glad that they didn’t.

    Mind you, he’s right about the ABs, they ought to tour there. Is it £ (lack of), scheduling issues, playing too many games?

    1. Sadly it’s all about the money, Don. It’s much more profitable for the ABs to play a one-off test in the USA than to tour the Polynesian islands, despite it making logistically much less sense.

      1. In fairness to New Zealand though (for balance) they are not a rich union.

        They have an excellent brand, and they do have a responsibility to maximise the monetary potential of that brand which they can then re-invest into their game.

        I am not saying that they should avoid Polynesia, but I do think that they have a very difficult balance to strike between their “moral” responsibility and their fiscal responsibility.

        I am reminded by some comment from a politician who said “everyone wants a better NHS, but everyone also wants someone else to pay for it”.

  3. Money. It’s all money. Mind you – I think only Scotland in recent times have played a single test there so we’re all (the “pro” rugby nations) just as guilty.

    The man has dissed NZ rugby on the internet. That’s like putting a “kick me” sign on his back. They have squadrons of people scouring the net for any disparaging mention of their beloved ABs. He’s going to sustain a storm of abuse for this.

    1. Brighty, I used to follow him on Twitter, and this is pretty much along the lines of many of his “Tweets”, so (a) it doesn’t particularly surprise me, and (b) I think he revels in carrying that sign on his back.

      I do believe that in addition to being a rugby player, he is also a qualified lawyer, and we know how some of these ex international players/qualified lawyers hybrid people like to ruffle feathers.

  4. If a full AB tour doesn’t fit with a schedule why not at least tour a Maori side.

    Good points, well made, spoiled by crossing the line. Usual stuff from him!

    Another very valid point he’s made is that the best paid Polynesian rugby players aren’t those that represent the All Blacks, they are those that play their club rugby in Europe and represent the Islands. I hope he can make a difference in persuading more of the top eligible talent to play for Fiji/Tonga/Samoa over New Zealand and so those nations continue to strengthen and develop.

  5. Jamie

    Last blog not posted!?

    But had opined that, altho £ is alas a boon & a curse to rugby (sport?), I agree think that the ABs should play the P I’lander’s, even if they play them in say the US & in order to promo the game there.

    Also why don’t the NH teams annually/bi annually tour the SH calling into Fiji, Samoa etc on the way. This could be an alt to or in conj with the AI’s. Likewise the AB’s, Oz etc could do the same in reverse.

    Annual SH trips would have the additional benefit of strengthening the NH teams shouldn’t they?

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