Schport: Getting more people playing Rugby one click at a time

The biggest hurdle to more people playing rugby over the past few years, has been the lack of teams and clubs catering for all ages, all levels and all shapes and sizes. Moreover, if you’ve been out the game for a while, the thought of joining a well-established rugby club may seem like too big a jump to get back in to the game.

With the launch of Schport, an easy-to-use service helping teams to organise themselves, we hope more and more people will now feel empowered to set up and organise their own rugby clubs, teams or even casual ad-hoc matches, without being too daunted by the level of organisation this entails. Take a look at the website and you’ll see various organisations from large rugby clubs down to a group of mates playing touch rugby after work.


Schport really simplifies and automates the organisation of all the most popular team sports, including rugby union and rugby league, and what’s more it’s completely free. There are already many rugby clubs using Schport for this purpose and the number of adhoc rugby events being created by individuals is really good to see.

One of the other things that makes Schport stand out is the focus on allowing users to play a big part in deciding which new features to build. In fact, based on user feedback, new player stats for rugby have just been launched and some other great features will be developed over the next few months.

So this your opportunity to use and shape a tool which should greatly simplify your life and will hopefully mean more of us are playing rugby more regularly. If you need any more info, you can take the Schport tour here –

5 thoughts on “Schport: Getting more people playing Rugby one click at a time

  1. Schport is awesome and getting better!
    Makes sure everyone knows exactly what’s going on and I have made sure that the managers of my Rugby and Cricket teams are using it as it makes life so much easier.
    Also good to have some team banter on the site without clogging up the work inbox!

  2. Have been using schport since christmas (admittedly for 5-aside) and makes life so much easier than sending 1000s of emails.

  3. Just started using Schport recently for the summer mixed touch team. Seems to do everything needed. Simple and effective. Tried pitcheroo before and wasn’t impressed.
    As I say only just started using schport but think I’ll be suggesting it to the 15 a-side club selection secretary. Save the poor bugger having to manually fill in an excel spreadsheet for 60 players each week!

  4. I’ve played with Pitchero and Schport. Depends what you’re after… Pitchero looks good for making a website for your team, whereas Schport is more organisational software to save your gaffer loads of time, and is simpler to use.

    Am glad rugby is getting lots of web-based attention!

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