Scotland team to face Italy in Rome

Richie Gray

Under-fire coach Scott Johnson has named his side to take on Italy in this weekend’s Six Nations match.

Ross Ford has been dropped in favour of Scott Lawson, Richie Gray returns ahead of Tim Swinson, whilst David Denton also drops to the bench to accommodate Johnnie Beattie at 8.

Can this side beat the Italians in Rome?

Scotland team:
15 Stuart Hogg
14 Tommy Seymour
13 Alex Dunbar
12 Matt Scott
11 Sean Lamont
10 Duncan Weir
9 Greig Laidlaw

1 Ryan Grant
2 Scott Lawson
3 Moray Low
4 Richie Gray
5 Jim Hamilton
6 Ryan Wilson
7 Chris Fusaro
8 Johnnie Beattie

16 Ross Ford
17 Alasdair Dickinson
18 Geoff Cross
19 Tim Swinson
20 David Denton
21 Chris Cusiter
22 Duncan Taylor
23 Max Evans

8 thoughts on “Scotland team to face Italy in Rome

  1. Erm. What? He finally makes the right decision to drop Ford, and he drops Dneton as well? And people complain about Lancaster’s selection…

    Would have dropped Wilson and brought Brown back in, or if Beattie has to be in, would have moved Denton to 6. Why has he dropped his best player? Also dont think Hamilton should be there still. Would kept Swinson over him, or possibly even brought in a Gray double act.

  2. Exactly Henry. Brown/Denton at 6, Beattie at 8, Fusaro at 7 everyone’s happy. If Hamilton goes Gray jnr has to come in to call the lineouts, and a Gray/Gray second row would have been fine by me.
    Can we beat Italy – not on our form so far. I think Italy have looked decent, whilst we have been woeful.

  3. Really disappointed, finally drops Ford, terrific! Oh wait he’s dropped Denton. Feel as though Swinson’s been unlucky to have been dropped instead of Big Jim, failing that a double Gray second row as already mentioned. Also struggling to see why Laidlaw’s still starting, he’s not really offered us very much of late.

    I would very much call Italy the favourites this weekend.

  4. Finally drops their worst player, but decides to balance it out by dropping their best as well, and then goes one further by retaining Hamilton, Laidlaw and Weir who have been mediocre as of late.
    And leaving their inspirational captain out in the cold again, for their most important fixture?
    What goes through this man’s head?

  5. I feel a bit sorry for Wilson, I think he’s been a good player for Glasgow but mostly as an eight.

    Trouble is that there are better players than him at 6 and 8 for Scotland, he’s a possible bench option if there were a couple of injuries.

    He’s a victim of Johnson’s bizarre selection policy as well, playing people in the wrong positions across the back row. He’s gradually getting there game by game. Vs Ireland they we’re all out of position, an 8 at 6, a 6 at 7 and a 6 at 8. Vs England he put a 7 at 7 and vs Italy he’s got a 7 at 7 and an 8 at 8. Hopefully by the next game he’ll have a 6 at 6 too, we live in hope.

    This is of course only one of many problems with Johnson’s reign.

  6. Interesting how the only person who publicly supports Johnson, is the Scotland scrum coach… And the scots ain’t been doing too well there either. Maybe the coaching team enjoys celebrating mediocrity by proxy? In the fact that they always seem to organise things in such a way to handicap the team as much as they can before they take the field. Denton, the form back row player this tournemant gets dropped, brown who can do a damn fine job can’t make the team, gray who hasn’t been playing that badly doesn’t know whether he’s coming or going. It wouldn’t surprise me if Johnson dropped Stuart Hogg from the match day squad next. That silly fat idiot is running the Scotland team like his hairstyle. It’s clearly shit and he just doesn’t know what to do with it. Obviously if he palms his greasy hands over it enough in his haphazard fashion it will eventually work his way.

  7. The Scottish team at present lack passion and determination apart from the fact that they cannot do the basics right.They keep dropping the ball losing possession giving away too many penalties and thanks to Ford unable to throw the ball in straight at the lineouts.Where is the spirit that won in1984 and 1990 when a cap meant something special? Last match in Murray field only three players got over the gain line=Denton,Lamont and Hogg.So what does the coach do ,he drops Denton he must have been blind or just stupid.As Sir Ian McGeechan said we need another professional team in Scotland.Why not give this a try and stop sending a sevens team all round the globe wasting their time as they are not doing very well.We may lack the numbers other nations may have but surely we can do better than we are at present.Regards JimmySomerville from Nairn.

    1. actually, Beattie made it over the gain line too. Dropping Denton is harsh, but at least he’s brought Beattie in so we’re not losing any quality. Would’ve moved Denton to 6 though.

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