Select Ireland’s Rugby World Cup Team

Ireland RugbyWhich players are putting their hand up for selection?

Who would be in your Ireland team for the Rugby World Cup? There are some tricky decisions to make, particularly in the back row, so cast your votes below and we’ll give Declan Kidney a hand.

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20 thoughts on “Select Ireland’s Rugby World Cup Team

  1. I think most people are in agreement for the starting 15 it seems…. The 15 pretty much picks itself at this point in time. The world cup warm up games may change one or two positions due to form or fitness perhaps…. The main talking points/arguments are going to arise from the remaining squad selection, particularly at scrum half and how many he brings. Also some dead weight needs to go so that fantastic players such as Fergus McFadden are on that plane to New Zealand. Interesting 6 weeks ahead of us!

  2. Backrow has to be O’Brien, Wallace and Heaslip with Ferris off the bench (IF he’s fit enough). SOB is NOT 7, the 1st half of the HCup final proved that.

    Cullen is an excellent club player but haven’t been impressed by him at international level. All of O’Connell, O’Callaghan and Cullen are awful ball carriers so Tuohy starting alongside POC with DOC on the bench.

  3. My primary surprise so far is seeing that Leo Cullen has had more votes than O’Callaghan. Could Cullen play with O’Connell?

  4. if paddy wallace goes on the plane ahead of mc fadden i will cry! agree with touhy as a great ball carrier but not sure if i would start him! trimble or fitz for the wing with earls on the bench and bowes position is in concrete!! hope kearny is back to solve out FB position if not murphy! and really think varley should be ahead of croinin cos he can’t throw the ball Rory best is my first choice as flannery has missed a year! my last big decision would be jennings 7 with wallace to come on after 50 mins to be the wrecking ball he is and have o’brien at 6

  5. front row picks itself if flannery is still injured. I would put cullen with oconnell, cullen is a very clever player and also a great leader. Jennings on at 7 (by far the best out and out 7 we have) which allows obrien to play the obvious 6 role and run and heaslip at 8. Its a throw up between reddan, oleary and boss at no. 9. Think Kidney will go for oleary to be honest. Sexton at 10 with ogara a impact sub. Darcy and odriscoll at 12 & 13. bowe for sure on the wing but don’t know who to put in the other wing, fitzgerald or earls. Kearney at 15 or murphy if he is fit also.
    Subs: tom court to cover both sides, cronin, ocallaghan and d. wallace and ferris. mcfadden has to go instead of p. wallace. mcfadden can play in two different roles and can place kick. I would like jennings and cullen to get a shot because i think they are v good forwards and jennings brings a balance to the back row. I’m not expecting ireland to win the world cup but i do hope they give it a good go and show the world what they can do, they deserve that.

  6. I’m sorry, but if anyone honestly believes Kidney will drop David Wallace (a 2x Lion, 70+ Ire caps, 200 Munster caps Grandslam, Triplecrown’s etc etc) for Shane Jennings is utterly utterly deluded or a Leinster fan. There is absolutely no way this would happen unless (God forbid) Wally *DIES* or something. And I’m not being disrespectful of Jennings by the way he is a brilliant player but let’s be real here.

    Also Fitzgerald and O’Leary should be no where near the squad let alone the starting XV.

  7. Flannery deserves a chance to prove himself over the warm up games because neither Best or Cronin did enough to merit inclusion ahead of a fit Jerry. I would only take him if he gets through a full game though in August otherwise Best to start with Cronin and Varley as cover. Starting props select themselves now with Hayes as cover and one from Buckley and Horan depending on form. O Connell, O Callaghan and Cullen will travel as the second rows with the two munster men my choices especially if Flannery is fit otherwise it could go either between O Callaghan and Cullen to partner O Connell.
    So many options in back row but Heaslip is the one certainty with my preference being Wallace at 7 and O Brien at 6. Ferris is too injury prone to build a game plan around which is a pity and I would carry Leamy and Jennings as cover with Donnacha Ryan as a utilty forward. Half backs and Centres select themselves with the only question being whether you take three scrumhalves (Reddan, O Leary and Stringer) or two plus Paddy Wallace as a utility back. Mcfadden will cover the two centres.
    As for the back three Bowe is a certainty. The big question is Full back. Leinster would not have won the Heineken Cup with Kearney a full back which places serious doubts about his suitability for Ireland, I have doubts about Murphy too. Jones must travel but I would try Earls at 15 in warm up games with Fitzgerald on the wing with Bowe because I feel that could be a lethal combination if it clicks. Murphy and kearney would then complete my squad.

  8. For KS
    I did not say Jennings was better than Wallace, in fact I never mentioned Wallace I said:

    Jennings on at 7 (by far the best out and out 7 we have) which allows O’Brien to play the obvious 6 role and run and Heaslip at 8. Saying I am utterly utterly deluded or a Leinster fan is ridiculous, you tell me out of the top teams (OZ,NZ &SA) which ones have three running back row players playing, none of them. They have balanced back rows with players like mccaw and pocock doing the ground work for their teams, by either winning ball or slowing the opponents ball down just enough so their defence have time to organise. I am not saying Jennings is in the same category as Mccaw and Pocock in terms of quality but he is like I said “ by far the best out and out 7 we have” he is a v good player and leader. That is what I feel Ireland need to get result in this world cup. Now am I deluded??
    Wallace is a brilliant player and a honest rugby player who gives it his all but I am trying to select a team that I feel is balanced, that is my point. Ferris is quality but as someone pointed out he is a liability when it comes to injuries.

    I am a Leinster fan (Meath), but I also am a Munster fan and support Irish rugby and would watch and support Ulster and Connacht if they were playing.

    KS can I ask you are you a Munster fan, are you from Munster??

    1. Alan, I didn’t mean to sound catty fella, I was harsh with the ‘deluded’ thing but I just think that Kidney will never start Jennings in an important game if our 1st choice back row is fit, he’ll probably start v USA or Russia. I honestly believe that. I’ve been quite underwhelmed by Jennings at international level to be honest. In the back row I think we have four animals in O’Brien, Wallace, Heaslip and Ferris and then after that there’s huge a drop in standard.

  9. ks, fair enough you are right and maybe jennings isn’t the right man for the job but I do feel personally that he does alot of work which not alot of people see if you get where I’m coming from. Not since Keith Gleeson have Ireland had an out and out seven.

    I’m coming from the point of view of having a balanced back row is better than having a back row with your three best palyers. Three running back rows will not work unless you tell one to change their stlye and do the work on the ground which is kind of like putting lampard and gerard together and telling one of them to play a defensive mid field role, it does not work.
    Kidney will never go with Jennngs in the big games unless forced to by injury but I would like to see him get a chance. I would like to see Jones get a shot at 15 against england or france too to show shat he can do and for Kidney to have more confidence in players like cronin and cullen (bringing cullen on for the last two minutes of a match was ridiculous and pointless in my opinion) He does not trust cronin or p wallace so why have them in at all. I feel he should trust his players more. Mcfadden should travel in place of p wallacein terms of current form.Look at what happened with Mike Ross, Kidney was reluntant to start him ahead of Hayes and Buckley for ages, why??
    Can we beat austarlia to get a easier ride to the quater and semi final?? Honestly think we can if we click at the right time. We play better then England in almost all the last six nations but they do better than us in the world cups, we need to take a leaf out of their book as much as it pains me to say.
    What do you lads think??

  10. jennnings would be my 7 choice with wallace on the bench leamy should be no where near the squad he’s not starting for a poor munster back row so how can he be considered for ireland! wallace is getting old still a brilliant layer and he would be the perfect calm head to come on with 30 mins to go and change the dynamic if we are looking for a dogged pack i think touhy should start with cullen on the bench.
    to the comment can we do well in this world cup definitely we have a better pack than oz more consistant half backs the best defensive centers they prob beat us a little bit on style and speed in counter attack but world cup games never have too much space! i think we could be the dark horses for this year no one is that weary of us! maybe i am just dreaming :)

  11. I have to agree with what Alan said about Kidney needing to trust the players he has on the bench. Some of the the decisions he made during the Six Nations were baffling like including Paddy Wallace instead of Fergus Mcfadden. In the one game he got decent game time he failed to spot Earls on the wing. His treatment of Leo Cullen was hard to understand too. As for the back row debate the player who is keeping Leamy out of the Munster team cant make the Irish training squad. Couglan deserved to be given a chance I think. I think when Kidney didnt try to use a out and out No. 7 during the Six Nations it suggested he had decided to get the most talented back row on to the pitch and see if he could convert one of them into a groundhog.
    As to the question of how far we will go if we beat Australia anything is possible but my head says we will lose to the Wallabies and struggle past Italy into a quater final with the Springboks. I would not be surprised if we beat them though because with Pieter De Villiers in charge they could implode.

  12. My team would be….

    1.Cian Healy
    2. Rory Best
    3. Mike Ross
    4. Leo Cullen
    5. Paul O’Connell
    6. Stephen Ferris
    7. David Wallace
    8. Jamie Heaslip

    9. Eoin Reddan
    10. Jonathan Sexton
    11. Keith Earls
    12. Gordon Darcy
    13. Brian O’Driscoll
    14. Tommy Bowe
    15. Rob Kearney

    16. Jerry Flannery
    17. John Hayes
    18. Donnacha O’Callaghan
    19. Sean O’Brien
    20. Conor Murray
    21. Ronan O’Gara
    22. Fergus Mcfadden

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