Six Nations 2013: France team to play England


Philippe Saint-André has named his team to play England at Twickenham on Saturday. The game kicks off at 5pm GMT.

15 Huget
14 Clerc
13 Bastareaud
12 Fofana
11 Fall
10 Trinh-Duc
9 Parra

8 Picamoles
7 Dusautoir (cap)
6 Nyanga
5 Maestri
4 Samson
3 Mas
2 Kayser
1 Domingo

Replacements : 16 Szarzewski, 17 Debaty, 18 Ducalcon, 19 Suta, 20. Claassen, 21 Machenaud, 22 Michalak, 23 Fritz

What do you think of the changes to the line-up? Is this a team that can beat England?

18 thoughts on “Six Nations 2013: France team to play England

  1. It cannot be worse, can it? So let’s see. This team hasn’t done anything so far, hasn’t tried anything so far, hasn’t shown anything any rugby so far. So now it’s time for show us the 3 c’s: des couilles, des couilees et encore des couilles. More seriously Cerveau(brain), Coeur(Heart), Couilles(guts). Do they have what it takes to upset this young, powerful, talented, confident English team and his fantastic kicking machine Owen Farrel.
    I can’t wait to be on saturday. It’s going to be a good match and after the match we will celebrate the winners who ever they are.
    En garde!

  2. Now that’s almost the team that should have been playing from the start!

    Swap out Bastereaud for Fritz and you couldn’t ask for more

    Difficult for England, Barritt and Tuilagi will have to be on the top of their game. If they play Lawes on the flank, he’ll need to get at Trinh-Duc who has been susceptible to pressure in the past

    Think England have the edge with replacements.

    Should be good and close. England by 5

  3. Uh-oh. Trouble. They’ve finally picked the right team and they have nothing to lose. Damn you Wales and Italy.

  4. What is this devilry? A fly half playing at fly half, the best centre playing in the centre?

    Well it looks like a good team. France don’t seem to throw too many people in at the breakdown. I think this will be our main advantage.

  5. Agreed Matt, their approach at the nreakdown has been odd and somewhat dated. One of the key changes for me is the inclusion of Thomas Domingo. He’s a great scrummager and England arguably had the worse of it in the scrum against Ireland. Need a huge game from Dan Cole and if things aren’t going quite right in the scrum don’t be surprised to see Lawes shunted up to the second row.

    1. Does anyone know if Domingo has been unfit, out of form or just out of favour? Completely agree with you he is a formidable scrummager. Only 5’8″, still 110kgs & propelled by giants such as Maestri I think we are in for a tough examination.

      I was wondering if we might see Lawes scrummaging at 8 for defensive scrums to exert a bit more force and leave the fringe defence to the specialist flankers.

      1. That could be a good shout regarding defensive scrums! Hadn’t even bothered to think of it, but I would be beneficial in a number of aspects (the ones you said).

        Having said this, I am sure parra will worry more if he see lawes hanging off the side of the scrum, licking his lips…

    1. Agree with you here nick. Although I still see a few potential weak areas for the French.

      I think that trinh-duc could be easily rattled, if the backrow are in his face. Similarly, parra will be having nightmares about lawes, and with the French liking a 9 run their game, he may be in a fragile mental state if given a few hits nice and early.

      Basteraud lacks fitness, so if we run him ragged in the first half, we won’t see a great deal of him in the 2nd.

      Huget has looked a little fragile at the back when I have seen him play 15, with Farrell, Goode and brown I expect to see huget tested thoroughly. 36 will come on and keep the pressure.

      I am glad lawes is at 6, because changes are he has been tasked with chopping the tree trunk legs of picamole, to stop the French getting on the front foot.

      1. It won’t just be the back row in Trinh-Duc’s face. Farrell also likes to get in the face of his opposite number, and i would expect him to give a good hit on Trinh-Duc early on, just to put a doubt in his mind.

        1. Good point dazza, Farrell does love a big hit. Parling also put a fair bit of pressure of ROG in the Ireland game.

          We have plenty of players to put the French halfbacks under pressure, and if we can do that, then I see that being the way to win the game.

          Similarly, we need to test the 9 & 10 when we have the ball too. Lots of runners should be flooding the 10 channel, if we can get the likes of launchbury, tuilagi, cole and Hartley running at 10, then he isn’t going to want to be on the field very long. Neither option for the French at 10 really likes defence, both are more mercurial players who love the attacking game.

  6. So Saint Andre finally plays Parra and Trinh-Duc at the two half back positions and Fofana at Centre, whilst motivating them with “England will be our Grand Slam”?

    And people say England aren’t everybody’s “must win” game…

  7. I think with this French selection, we may all be wishing come Monday that Lawes stuck to playing second row and that we fielded 3 dedicated back row players. Fofana should be access to decent ball now and that could be dangerous.

    Should be Waldrom, Robshaw and Wood!

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