14 thoughts on “Six Nations 2013: Round 4 important stats

  1. BOOM! Picamoles outcarrying fullbacks and wingers. That is impressive. He might be shorter on the metres per carry, but it’s an impressive stat nonetheless.

    1. I don’t remember many of these being “free” meters on a kick return either. Player of the championship in my opinion.

      Unfortunately 2 of the England back row need to have their performance measured in carries per meter and not meters per carry.

      Can it be any clearer what we are missing.

      1. In fairness Matt it is Picamoles followed by 4 wingers from 4 different teams, so I am not sure this is indicative of an England problem.

        A Lions problem perhaps?

        1. Wings and full backs do often top these charts because they kick returns can make them 10-20 meters on a run before even getting to the first defender so the stats can be misleading.

          Picamoles being the only 8 on there is down to his excellence, but of the other 8s:

          – Heaslip 9 carries for 9m (but they have SOB to do the trucking up with 38m)
          – Faletau 8 carries for 14m (very quiet for him)
          – Parisse 7 carries for 20m
          – Beattie 11 carries for 48m
          – Wood 5 carries for 2m

  2. Picamoles stats are very impressive. I would also like to see Brown in the 15 shirt for England; just for these stats alone!

  3. Interesting that 4 of the top 5 ball carriers were wings. When was the last time that happened? Especially given the conditions. Is it indicative that a French team built on flair has a pack member as their top ball carrier?

    Pity Picamoles and Parisse can’t go on the Lions tour as they are the top two 8’s by a long stretch.

    Don’t think the points scored table tells us much we didn’t know.

    No wonder Launchbury had a sore elbow! 18 tackles and none missed. Lion in waiting with a bit of luck.

  4. With Ryan Jones out who should take his place and is it going to be a selection headache for Howley

    1. He’ll go for Warburton and Tipuric I reckon and as an Englishman I will be releived if he does because Tipuric’s pace off the bench is frightening, but on from the start he loses out physically at the breakdown.

      1. Staggy, again I agree with you regarding starting with Tipuric. I also think that given Faletau’s form, a back-row of those three will be too lightweight against Robshaw, Wood and AN Other (not the Irish one!).

        I think that the three Welsh back-rowers PLUS Mike Phillips is not a great balance. They need Ryan Jones (or Lydiate), but seem only to have Stephen Shingler as an option – who is not really in the same class.

        1. Warburton only looks good when he has an excellent player partnering him on the blind-side – whether Jones or Lydiate.

          With both of those out and the remaining options not in the same league, Warburton will struggle again

          By the way, am I the only one to think his performance last week was not entirely in perspective to the paeans of praise being showered on him by the media?

          OK, he was better than he has been, but that’s not saying much. He made 3 turnovers, 2 of which were one one one with isolated backs (situations where you’d expect any flanker worth his salt to effect a turnover), ran 3 times for a massive total of 6 metres and made 9 tackles and missed 1. Good but not close to brilliant

  5. Making you faint with the damned praise of Warburton Pablito rather than damn with the faint praise he’s had for about a year .Both positions have been a bit OTT ,Warburton has never been as bad as made out and possibly the pundits swung too much the other way on Saturday . He was instrumental in getting 6 points from penalties though and a crucial turnover at the end so his game contribution was certainly valid enough.


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