Six Nations 2013: Wales team to play Ireland


Rob Howley has selected the following team to play Ireland this Saturday. Kick-off is at 13.30.

15. Leigh Halfpenny
14. Alex Cuthbert
13. Jonathan Davies
12. Jamie Roberts
11. George North
10. Dan Biggar
9. Mike Phillips

1. Gethin Jenkins
2. Matthew Rees
3. Adam Jones
4. Andrew Coombs
5. Ian Evans
6. Aaron Shingler
7. Sam Warburton (c)
8. Toby Faletau

REPLACEMENTS: Ken Owens, Paul James, Craig Mitchell, Olly Kohn, Justin Tipuric, Lloyd Williams, James Hook, Scott Williams

What do you think of the selection?

32 thoughts on “Six Nations 2013: Wales team to play Ireland

  1. Wales continually seem to select on reputation and not form. My point is that front row are not the form players in 2013, they were in 2009. Hibbard should be in there, and Jenkins has barely played any rugby in months.

    Same can be said for North and Warburton, although the good form was more recent; these two are clearly not in better form right now than Eli Williams or Tipuric.

    I understand that you can not chop and change constantly, but the players I mentioned, and potentially more, will feel aggreived that they have not been selected.

    1. Hibbard was not conisdered due to injury, apparently. He has been in great form recently, so I suspect he would have started if fit.

      1. Yup sorry after I had written this I saw that Walker and Hibbard are injured so I take back my comments.

        Except for Tipuric, how he isn’t playing is beyond me!

  2. Crap selection – you could have selected that squad without a clue of what is going on, just base it on TV from last year.

    Paul James should be in for Fatty.
    Jamie Roberts butchered a 3 on 1 against Sale last weekend and was generally ineffectual.
    Shingler? Please please please…
    North? Pffft, hasn’t done anything since the last Ireland game.

    Rubbish. Giving the victory away.

    1. I need to stop agreeing with Brighty but he is right.

      I would love to see a four way fight for the Championship; but with this selection I believe it has just been narrowed down to three.

      I can probably pick about five players from the Wales team that haven’t played particularly well in about a year. Not good news for the Welsh.

      Luckily I’m English and we picked Farrell so look forward to us playing so aesthetically pleasing rugby!

  3. Aaaaaand Tipuric still isn’t starting, brilliant. The most on form player in the team by far isn’t picked. I understand the desire to get Shingler in for a second lineout jumper, but does that really justify not picking Tipuric? Either start him instead of Sam or deal with one jumper…

    And why isn’t Hibbard starting?! Matthew Rees has been terrible for us recently and Hibbard is in the form of his life. Hell, Ken Owens is better at the moment too. Howley needs to make braver picks, and reward people for form rather than reputation.

    Glad Biggar is finally getting a shot, though I question whether this is the wrong matchup to do it in? I feel like Hook’s more creative style of play would do more damage to the Irish back line, although I do highly rate Biggar. Hopefully they’ll both get to stretch their legs and we can see who is better on the day.

    Definitely wouldn’t be the lineup I’d pick, but I think it’s still a good enough team on paper. Just have to hope they’ve sorted out their mental game, because that’s been the limiting factor recently. We have 30+ great players but we need them to have the right heads on when they step on to the pitch.

  4. I agree entirely with the comments that Walker and Hibberd should be there but for injury.

    I’m not sure that Howley would have had the initiative (ok guts) to pick Walker in any event although he is the one Welsh back that has actually impressed in the last month or so. I also suspect that there is a bit of a grudge against Hibberd for giving away the penalties that lost the second test in Australia .With the injuries we will never know.

    I’d prefer Warburton to have moved to 6 and as said Tipuric who again usually impresses to start .

    Certain players can move to France it seems and still get picked with impunity (and no form ) whereas others cannot.

    Advantage Ireland at the moment I’d say.

  5. No Lee Byrne ? why name him in the Squad & not even have him on the bench ? been playing brilliantly apparently & should be starting with HP moving to wing…

  6. Shame Hibbard and Walker are injured, not sure about Rees starting at hooker at all. Coombs is a promising prospect, but Shingler shouldn’t be on the bench, let alone starting at 6. Tipuric is as good a lineout jumper as Shingler, so Howley should have put Warburton at 6 and Tipuric at 7. Cowardly decisions from him, but the backline looks as lethal as ever as Halfpenny and Cuthbert provide penetration, and the ever under-rated Jonathan Davies is always a threat. If North and Roberts can recapture their form then we have a brilliant combination in the backs, and its been too long in waiting for Biggar to finally get a start as he has been the outstanding Fly Half in Wales this year. Mixed feelings overall.

  7. If I was Welsh, and wanted to look at it with a glass half full perspective all I could say is it’s a good bench!

  8. The fact that Kohn’s on the bench just proves the management’s ineptitude. It’s obvious now that they haven’t chosen him just as injury cover for their existing options as otherwise he would be behind all of the other locks in the “pecking order”, so to speak. Nope, they clearly failed to realise that he was Welsh and once it was realised that he was, in fact, wanting to play for Wales, they’ve backed him up to the squad.

    Add to the other poor choices above and all I can say is that I’m glad I’m English!

  9. Seems to pick same favourites,wether in form or not. Could have picked a much sronger squad & team for Saturday, left selection late so cant be critisised tomuch before the game

      1. No, but its nice to know we are capable of beating the world’s best again. By the end of this 6N we’ll know whether that was a one off or the beginning of something better. I can’t wait to find out. Love the 6N.

  10. Surprise surprise. Wheel out the clique and ignore the emerging (and hungry) talent. Didn’t we learn anything from the 90’s? Anyone who thinks this lot could ever play heads-up rugby is deluded – or part of the club of former players now masqerading as coaches

  11. I think Justin Tiperic should have been chosen. Let’s get off to a good start boys! Good luck.

  12. Can’t understand why “hook” is on the bench……as usual bring him on when it’s 10min to go!!!!!!
    He is a good player and kicker, I am sorry every Welsh person is thinking it……
    ………… :)

  13. players like powell and bishop should be on the bench . they always make a strong contribution but have never been utilised to their full potential

  14. Is this not a tasty line up? Wales just need to click and Ireland will have their hands full. Forget the recent baggage and use it as a spark, play as a team with a clinical head and those running talents can be released. Tipuric’s and hook’s talents and vision the only missing ingredients….and in form 22st Olly might add a dimension!

  15. rather than arguing with the lineup we should evaluate it, come on we have some weaknesses but dont the strengths overpower them? i think this line could be dabatable however this welsh side can do anything and are not predictable!

  16. Am I the only one surprised by Ollie Kohn on the bench? He hardly screams impact. He’s more the sort of player to hammer and grind down the opposition so that they are softened up for your proper impact players. Still we’ve been here before and Wales love being written off, and despite many commentators picking Healy as a Lions prop in waiting, their scrum (as England showed last year) is vulnerable – plus no Priestland – so another bonus

  17. Well what can I say the back line looks as though it has got some flair but not sure about the forwards

  18. So the logic of leaving out the best 7 in Europe. Beats me. The Irish always start at 90 miles an hour so logic would be get the fastest 7 on the pitch to slow the ball down and maybe nick a few.

    Back rows win games Rob

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