Six Nations 2014 Predictions: Round 5

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Super Saturday gets underway in Rome, where England go chasing a big win to keep the pressure on Ireland later in the day. They know they must win, and most likely win well, if they are to stand any chance of becoming Six Nations champions this year. With so much riding on the game later in the day, will it be difficult to keep their focus on the game in hand? Will Italy sense an opportunity to beat England for the first time? Patrick Cheshire doesn’t think so, but he also doesn’t think England will win by enough to deprive Ireland of the title, should they win later on. He’s gone for England by 17 – read his full preview here.

Wales against Scotland in Cardiff may seem like a dead rubber, but both sides have plenty to play for given their relatively abject performances so far this Championship. The hosts were deprived a third straight title by England last weekend, but will be smarting from the manner of their loss more than anything else. Scotland seem to have regressed since a year ago, when they finished third, but were unlucky not to beat France last weekend. Can they shock the Welsh and win in Cardiff? Nathan Hyde thinks not, having predicted a Wales win by 10. Read his full preview here.

And so at 5pm all eyes will turn to Paris, where Ireland go in search of their first win since the turn of the century; a win that would see them crowned Six Nations champions for the first time since 2009. They would be worthy winners, having racked up 11 tries – four more than anyone else – already, but that woeful record in Paris will be in the back of their minds, and could prevent them running away with it. The French, for their part, can’t play any worse than they did against Scotland, but with history on their side and, if England fall in Italy, potentially still with a shot at the title, can they shock everyone and beat Ireland? Well, no, according to James Harrington, who has gone for Ireland by 3. Read his full preview here.

How do you see the weekend playing out? Who do you think will be crowned Six Nations champions 2014?

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4 thoughts on “Six Nations 2014 Predictions: Round 5

  1. The only doubt is likely to be the Ireland v France match surely?

    The general opinion of the 3 wise men & Uncle Tom Cobley an’ all is that Ireland are, if not a shoo-in, then the likely winners. But why? England beat Ireland & Fr beat England. Ok, so France have fallen off the wagon again, but @ home? I’m not so sure @ the Saint esp needs this win!

    Both teams are capable of pulling it off, but home advantage again. It tends to favour the, well, home team.

    It’ll likely be tight of course, with a win vital for both sides, but it could (will) go either way.
    JS will need to be more pragmatic if he finds his team doen by 3 again in the last 1/4… & go for them posts boy!

    Fr should be top for me, but with that feckless coach? What an albatross. He votes Conservative for sure.

    Upshot with me wotsit on the block? Don’t panic Captn Mainwaring, but… a draw? Nah. Ireland by 3? Or Fr by… you’ve got it. Maybe the JS factor will sway it for me… but as a Libran I used to be uncertain, but now I’m not so sure.

    Too many buts, if not ifs. Ire by 3. Yikes!

  2. Think the Welsh will win by more, but with you on the other two – DEPENDING on which France turn up. How many times have we said that!

  3. Diary of an England supporter:

    12.30: come on England, put 50 points on Italy!!!

    17.00: Allez les bleu!

    19.00: Damn you good for nothing cheese eating surrender monkeys!

    19.05: *hiccup* congratulations BOD I ^&*#ing think you’re great….*hiccup*

  4. Benjit

    Surrender monkeys? As prev mentioned, never heard of Singapore, Saratoga or Yorktown?

    And they didn’t in Paris v yours. Or ‘run up the white flag’, as per Guscott, in the last RWC.

    Time for revision of yr historical perspective?

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