Six Nations 2014 referees confirmed

six nationsHere are the referees for all the 2013 Six Nations fixtures:

Week 1
Wales v Italy

Referee: John Lacey
Assistants: Glen Jackson, Francisco Pastrana

France v England
Referee: Nigel Owens
Assistants: Alain Rolland, Stuart Berry

Ireland v Scotland
Referee: Craig Joubert
Assistants: Jaco Peyper, Mike Fraser

Week 2
Ireland v Wales

Referee: Wayne Barnes
Assistants: Glen Jackson, JP Doyle

Scotland v England
Referee: Jérôme Garces
Assistants: George Clancy, Mike Fraser

France v Italy
Referee: Jaco Peyper
Assistants: Craig Joubert, Francisco Pastrana

Week 3
Wales v France

Referee: Alain Rolland
Assistants: John Lacey, Dudley Phillips

Italy v Scotland
Referee: Steve Walsh
Assistants: Jérôme Garces, Luke Pearce

England v Ireland
Referee: Craig Joubert
Assistants: Romain Poite, Leighton Hodges

Week 4
Ireland v Italy

Referee: Nigel Owens
Assistants: Paul Gauzerre, Greg Garner

Scotland v France
Referee: Chris Pollock
Assistants: George Clancy, JP Doyle

England v Wales
Referee: Romain Poite
Assistants: Steve Walsh, Lourens van de Merwe

Week 5
Italy v England

Referee: Paul Gauzerre
Assistants: Nigel Owens, Leighton Hodges

Wales v Scotland
Referee: Jérôme Garces
Assistants: Chris Pollock, Greg Garner

France v Ireland
Referee: Steve Walsh
Assistants: Wayne Barnes, Marius Mitrea

Photo by: Patrick Khachfe / Onside Images

29 thoughts on “Six Nations 2014 referees confirmed

        1. Pablito is right. They must have been grinning when they wrote that one down. I’m going to that match, pantomime boos expected.

          1. As it’s his final game both teams should agree, just before the final whistle, when result sorted, to do a mass tip tackle, Busby Berkeley style. He’ll appreciate it.

    1. Why would they not do that?

      Actually I know the answer, but seriously, some (many) people need to take Sam’s lead, and move away from this ref-baiting football mentality.

      However – England v Wales, Steve Walsh on the line, thats just despicable.

        1. That’s just taking the michael

          Can just imagine whichever committee decided these match-ups sitting around a table with a few beers, collapsing with laughter as they get Walsh involved with yet another England game

      1. Totally Agree, Steve Walsh shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the competition. Is there no way England could have him removed?

        Mind you, final match France V Ireland, if either of those teams could take the 6 nation title from England, watch them be the ones who get EVERY call and win by the points margin needed.

  1. Wales vs France ….. Rolland ? somebody has got a sick sense of humour, he should never be involved in a France game, I have no qualms with him reffing Wales again but not against France, impartiality my a**e !

  2. Just noticed JP Doyle on the line for Ireland-Wales, is this an impartial appointment?? What with Rolland doing Wal-Fra and Walsh doing yet another Eng-Wal game, you wonder what the IRB were thinking when they came up with these appointments.

  3. Calm down everyone. Not enough southern hem. coaches to go around. Always gonna be trouble. It’s a reasonable deal for Ireland THIS time round though. I’d say they just use randomness, and probably all sighed with disappointment that Rolland was picked for Wal V Fra, Rolland included.

    1. I cannot believe that they have Allan Rolland reffing the Wales vs France game?! There goes our change of winning the six nations three consectitive times! **

      I wouldn’t even put him on the side lines on a French game.

      ** as long as Ireland don’t beat us Today!

      In all honesty, the best ref in the IRB is Nigel Owens, and I am not just saying that because I am Welsh. (no, I don’t think that he should ref Wales vs France either, as being a fair ref, he would be a lot stricter on Wales.

      I think the reason that the IRB are happy to let Allan Rolland ref any match with France playing, (and even though the board know that he is French) is that, living in Ireland, he is under the Irish Rugby Board.

      Anyway, Ireland are playing well and with Paul O’Conner back, who knows? Come on Wales!

      England have impressed me too, they’re playing very well.

      I will als be watching the Scoland bs England game too.

  4. better on the line or fourth official , as to ifan post steve walsh never gives anything to us .

  5. Talking about referees and all the slagging of Rolland and Walsh the real joke is that the pompous slow Barnes has been given another game to ruin. However, there is some hope as the incompetent Clancy has not been appointed to referee any games.

  6. Rolland is not deliberately biased in my view but the extra scrutiny and pressure on him in that game was unnecessary and could so easily have been avoided by using common sense in the appointment process. Walsh on the other hand is a self confessed racist who hates the English. Not a crime in some circles but for an “impartial” referee it is not a good starting point and his interesting interpretation of scrummaging laws last year certainly altered the momentum of the game if not the result. He is a bad ref in my opinion and most English fans believe he is biased.

    1. That’s quality Steve. The anti-Welsh referee is nothing of the sort and all of the Welsh people who think this are wrong.

      However, the anti-Engliah ref definitely is and all of the English are right.

      Are you English by any chance?

      1. Oh, and he swung momentum towards Wales by being biased. Sigh. You got well beat. Deal with it. We have to after last weekend. Stop whining about the ref.

        1. Agree and disagree with you here Brighty.

          The key difference on Walsh is that he actually came out and stated that he disliked the English. That is bias however you shape it up. That isn’t, “I don’t agree with his decision against my team so he’s bias!”. It’s a fact that he dislikes England.

          However, in the Millennium Stadium last year, Wales thrashed England because they were a hell of a lot better on the day. Simple.

          1. Jacob, I have friends who are refs. They ref teams they dislike from previous experience. They will say though that they show no bias. So I disagree that a dislike means bias i.e. bias means your decision is swung a way it wouldn’t normally go – marginal calls go against the team you dislike for example or even more heinously big and clear calls go the wrong way.

            If dislike meant bias I don’t think we could ever get a ref. Just cos Walsh has come out and said he dislikes the English (I don’t doubt you when he say he has, but I’ve never heard him say this) does not mean that there are not many other dislikes held by pro refs – they just might not have come out with it. It would not surprise me in the slightest if Rolland dislikes the Welsh for exam ple but I wouldn’t therefore say he was biased – I would want to see decision A,B,C, etc which are unambigously “biased”.

            1. I think it’s pretty clear there is a fine line between disliking a team, and being bias. It isn’t an issue that you can come up with an answer with for all refs either. For example, Ref A may dislike the team but ref in an unbiased way, Ref B may dislike the team to very much that his subconscious does not allow complete objectivity.

              My issue is him having been noted for saying this publicly, which is unprofessional and is always going to lead to issues when he is officiating an England game.

  7. At any scrum, ruck or maul a referee could penalise either side for some indiscretion or another. Unfortunately some refs appear only to notice one side offending most of the time. If he has any biases at all they will show up in when and where he awards penalties. The home team will always be favoured, and the crowd will often affect decision making. Some refs will try to make things look more even by awarding inconsequential penalties to the side being sinned against. Unfortunately, again, the IRB sees nothing wrong with their elite refs, no matter how bad they are the Board will back them. What a pity the other refs do not watch and learn from Nigel Owens!

  8. Brighty, your comments re: Walsh, and hairsplitting regarding “bias” are somewhat disingenuous, seems to me you dislike the English to, but possibly would never admit it. Your “friends” who ref teams they dislike must be saints to not allow their self professed “bias” to not “bias” their decisions. It’s simple human nature we’re talking about here and you appear to want to selectively redefine how humans behave.

    As for the game today, it should be a great one, hopefully well refereed. May the best team win and may we never have to discuss the game in the context of the referees decision making!

    1. Not disingenous Rico, I just believe that humans can rise above any bias they have. It’s what makes professionals able to do a job. I’m not redefining how humans behave, I’m just disagreeing with your reductive assessment of how you think they behave.

  9. The good news, brighty, is the best team did win on the day – perhaps the margin should’ve been a bit greater(!?), but we aren’t going to be discussing the mangling of the game by the ref, who did an OK job (although claiming decisions as his when clearly he deferred to others was a bit weird). As for Walsh and the issue of bias, he has a long history of being a bit unstable (nothing wrong with that in and of itself), which seems to maybe play in to his match day decision making, especially as how it affects some teams. Yesterday he did fine.

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