Six Nations 2018: Ireland v Italy Match Rating

Jonathan Sexton


How did you enjoy the match today between Ireland and Italy in Dublin?

What were the highlights? Which players performed well?

What does each team need to work on ahead of next week?

Give the match a rating out of 10, and please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Six Nations 2018: Ireland v Italy Match Rating

  1. Nobody commented here so I will.

    Disappointing O’Shea. Was expecting you to have exposed Ireland more. As an Irish person I want Italy to be a super power in rugby one day, don;t know why. For sticking at it I suppose. Why can’t they? It’s a big country. There should be plenty of talent there. Get a Kiwi coach into Italy.

  2. Fair comment.

    I have been impressed with the quality of attacking play when Italy manage to put it together. They seem to be less reliant on brilliant skill from one player to put them in try scoring positions. However, against Ireland this only happened when Ireland had a lapse in concentration after they had wont he game.

    Less impressed with their defence. But they have played the top two teams in the tournament first up and the 2nd and 3rd ranked teams in the world. What can we reasonably expect from Italy at this level?

    Without clear evidence, it looks like fitness has improved. They have some promising players coming through (flanker, centre, fullback). So if O’Shea can get a couple of close games, and maybe a win in the 6Nations, then get them up the rankings over the summer and autumn…

    He is dealing with a national set up that barely has 23 players capable of playing at this level. It is not a case of just making the right selections and coaching the team well, he needs to develop players in the clubs and develop the clubs.

    For me, there are good signs. But there have been before. I want to see this continue. Then by 2020 Italy should be difficult for any team to beat in Rome.


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