Six Nations 2018: Scotland v France Match Rating

John Barclay


How did you enjoy the match today between Scotland and France?

What were the highlights? Which players performed well?

What does each team need to work on ahead of next week?

Give the match a rating out of 10, and please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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6 thoughts on “Six Nations 2018: Scotland v France Match Rating

  1. A somewhat tedious affair. The French definitely got on the wrong side of the ref and the endless penalties spoiled any fluency. They looked at times as if they had no idea where their team mates were. Laidlaw may not be the quickest scrum half but gives off an aura of calm and control at the base of the scrum. Like the look of Jones more every time I see him, but Scotland will have to play better than this to trouble England. Knowing them they almost certainly will, but I don’t think they will have enough grunt up front to allow them to get on the front foot. Great first try from Thomas, and I thought the French missed Machanaud when he went off.

    1. The French are turning into bottlers, which they never were before! Narrowly beaten by SA in the AI’s, beaten at the death by Irl and beaten again at the end by Sco. Sad times for them.

      My prediction for them to bomb out spectacularly in the poole stages in Japan looks to be on, and I might just have to put my money where my mouth is.

  2. France… just a better Italy?

    What I mean is, are France just a more skilful version of the Italian team?

    I pose the question because both teams have many similarities. Both teams can name the same squad for consecutive games but get different results out of the same players.

    Both teams still don’t know there best starting 15 and more importantly their best players in crucial positions.

    The 10 jersey for both teams is a constant on going discussion and seems to be decided on who the coach likes more during the week.

    At international level though, 99.9% of other nations the starting 10 is known to all. England you think George Ford, All Blacks you think Beauden Barrett and so on.

    The reason I say a ‘better’ Italy is the fact they have a larger player pool to select from and players who play in a higher standard of domestic Rugby. You could also argue their weekly wage and annual salaries help make them individually better professionals.

    I feel France need just as much rebuilding as the Italians and it’s not an issue that can be solved any faster.

    A few pundits mentioning today’s team to play Scotland was picked purely on the basis to win that one game and stay in some sort of contention for the title.

    I don’t believe France nor Italy can afford to select a squad to build for the future both have to pick a team to win them that game on the day. Which is worrying. How do you build? Test new players? Without accepting you will be losing more games than winning.

    They are both behind where they should be and miles behind other northern hemisphere teams such as Ireland, England and Wales.

    Naming a 19 year old fly half in your opening game of the tournament is a typical maverick French statement. And I feel sorry for the injury he gained but they where playing another top 10 nation and I felt the selection of the youngster was a cop out for not knowing who to pick rather than him being the future. (I do wish him a speedy recovery, and don’t deny his talents)

    This point was emphasised when a 33 year old who hasn’t played international rugby in something like 6 years, was then picked today against a Scottish side constantly on the up over the last 16 months.

    26 half back combinations in 6 years is a huge stat. And not in a good way. As proven by the All Blacks consistency is as much the key to winning as skill levels.

    Just like Italy you have to be weary of playing the French like the Italians they sometimes can cause massive problems and do have world class individuals who can tear teams apart. But take these 3-5 players away and you physically can’t guess how they will perform and what they will bring to the game.

    A strong French team on their day can look as good as the All Blacks but there is a level of consistency missing which means I compare them to the Italians rather than the best team in the world.

    Similar to the English national football team I believe the French nation and the media expect to much from their side. And a reality check may be needed. 8 losses on the bounce needs to have more severity to it.

    Is it all due to the influx of foreign players in their domestic game? The coach staff? Or just the fact French Rugby isn’t what it use to be?


    1. I think their domestic game has a lot to answer for. Not just the foreigners but the style of play as well.

      In the aftermatch discussion Olivier Magne placed a large amount of blame on the Top 14, saying that it didn’t prepare them to play at international pace for 80 mins.

      I think they probably need an outsider coach to come in and shake everything up a la Vern Cotton, Joe Schmidt or Eddie Jones. Trouble is I cannot see the Frenhc accepting a non-French coach!

      1. The prospect of a job as international head coach is the pinnacle for most coaches, but I would think the French jobs makes many think twice.

        The influence the Top14 clubs have over the national setup seems far too strong, with the domestic league success seeming to trump international. This makes sense from a business perspective; the Top14 owners have injected huge sums of money into their clubs and want to see returns in the form of trophies and revenue. But the national side is clearly struggling, with fewer eligible players to select from and those that are eligible being torn between international and club duty.

        As Pablito states, the Top14 game is one of power and physicality, with big forwards and backs smashing it up and tiring out teams. This wont happen at international level. Its a shame because French rugby used to be all flair and very exciting to watch.

      2. I too believe a southern hem coach. They are much like the Bulls where, they are not keen on outsider coaching influence.


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