Six Nations 2018: Wales v Italy Match Rating

Liam Williams

How did you enjoy the match today between Wales and Italy?

What were the highlights? How did Wales’ much-changed team perform?

Give the match a rating out of 10, and please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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6 thoughts on “Six Nations 2018: Wales v Italy Match Rating

  1. Long way to go but 10 changes and won comfortably, hard to judge against such poor opposition. Personally would like to revert back to the 5 nations. Don’t think Italy offer anything to the 6 nations. Second tier comp with play offs

    1. Agree that the current side is still off the pace and thats hard on Georgia etc – so regardless of what development happens in the next few years, I’d like to see a two-leg play-off between the Wooden Spoon and the winner of the 2nd Tier European comp.
      I disagree with dropping Italy completely however, as they’re doing their best to mend the damage – and judging by their U20s, where you would expect the future development to come from, they are making good progress. Yes they got hammered by France, but they only lost by 10pts to England, 4pts to Ireland, and beat Wales (so could yet beat Scotland too) – thus are competitive. Throw young guns like Negri and Minozzi into the mix, and the young Italian side could just be a good one in 2-4yrs time. So if they’re dropped now, there’s every chance they’ll be banging on the door to get in again within the next WC cycle – and pogo-ing them out and in will do no-one any favours.

    2. Also, for the first time in a while, their clubs are not doing too bad. Benetton are doing very well this year, and were even 3 minutes away from 2 different victories in the Champions Cup, and Zebre are much improved too. Which will hopefully improve the confidence of the national squad, if nothing else.

  2. Italy have to improve otherwise their continued participation is hard to justify. Having a side that cannot win, let alone get a BP or prevent opponents from gaining one, is simply unsustainable.
    They have another season. If they cannot show signs of real improvement I fear they will have to be dropped.

  3. Going against the grain slightly, but thought Italy played some lovely rugby in the first half. Not sure if the game plan changed or their fitness faltered but they reverted to type in the second…But I thought you could really see some of the changes the new management have brought in in the 1st.

    1. I’m with you; much better rugby in the first half – to the point that I got really cross in the 2nd when they started doing silly things all over the place! But their ability to string phases together, and actually run with the ball, is much improved. I’d hope for a much better showing in 1yrs time, but would like to see people give them at least 2 more seasons to develop before trying to wield the axe; there were never going to be overnight results good enough to span the gap, and anyone who thought that was being a tad foolish. Give it time and it’ll come good (I pray!).

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