Six Nations 2018: Wales v Scotland Match Rating

Millennium Stadium

Stadio Olimpico

How did you enjoy the match today between Wales and Scotland in Cardiff?

What were the highlights? Which players performed well?

What does each team need to work on ahead of next week?

Give the match a rating out of 10, and please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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21 thoughts on “Six Nations 2018: Wales v Scotland Match Rating

  1. Thought Wales looked really good against a Scottish side that underwhelmed against their potential. Stef Evans, Shingler and Navidi were very good and 1/2p looked more dangerous than he has for a while… Could be ominous for England

  2. what idiots voted 1,2,3,4.5 ?,.. THEY must have seen some unbelievable games , the baabaas v NZ 73″
    for example ? , yes it was a big win for the Welsh, but it was open and fast as scot v walas games always are ,..those who voted under 6 are idiots !

    1. Well I’d have said they were as entitled to their opinion as you are to yours.

      It was too one sided to be a great match. Wales played well but Scotland were so diabolically poor that it’s hard to judge how good Wales were. Bit like the England Scotland match last year.

      Scotland may have the individual talent nowadays but they still seem to be badly lacking structure and nous

      1. never said anyone was’nt entitiled to an opinion, but anyone who knows anything about rugby will agree that was a great match/game, Scotland went into the game as fav’s after an excellent aut-series , wales had half a teal -scotland 2/3 , it was frantic, fast and both sides going for the win for 80m, …yeah, ..your entitled to your opininion , but if anyone thinks that game was a 5 or under then they don’t know what rugby is about , of course thats my opinion, and i,m entitled to that too, or should i ask you first if its ok to not agree with you ? , i think Wales will beat england as well , can i say that ?

      2. BTW , if England beat the Scots by the same
        margin i will eat YOUR hat , i think they will beat england anyway , ..just my opinion ,.. thats what its about innit ?

        1. Pablito’s point is that you’re entitled to your opinion as is everyone else, and you’ve agreed…but you suggested others were idiots for having a different one.

          1. As i’ve already stated , Scotland had more territory and possesion in the first half, how can that be too one sided, a half each of T&P ?!

            1. Thanks JK for explaining what was obvious.

              Osiboy of course it can be one sided, irrespective of possession and territory. And it was.

    2. One sided, not worth the hangover. Another false dawn they choked, scrum held well but the knock-ons killed us. I’ve seen dire and its right up there with them. As to WRU showing the 2010 match before just another reason for supporting Scotland and anyone but Wales.

      1. I don’t think there is anyhing wrong with showing the 2010 match before the game, it was a home game and as such the WRU should do all they can to get the home support singing the praises to a crowd of 90% Welsh ppl, i remember that silly old plonker @ twickers wearing a union jack suit and flag with England on it!, what was that about? anyway home advantage means just that, you get an advantage if you want to sell the “i support 2 teams, Ireland &who ever plays England , its just banter but usually true!

      1. Scoitland had more territory and possesion in the first half, not scoring was their problem , i thought it was a great match with some excellent try’s , more entertaining than Eng v Italy which WAS one sided and pretty drab.It will be anything but next week if England don’t play a tight forward yawn yawn game, Wales will go there with every intention of opening the game for sure, i hope England accept the challenge!,, it will be a close game if they do imo, if they play up the jumper stuff , i think England by 10, if both teams play open ,its anyones game, England played excellent rugby v Argentina, a repeat of that and i’ll be happy , could be a classic !

        1. So hang on – the Scotland Wales game wasn’t one-sided because Scotland had more territory and possession on the first half. But the England Italy game WAS one-sided?

          But…Italy had more possession and territory in the first half than England did AND had more of both in the second half than Scotland did.

          So by your measure, the England game was less one-sided than the Wales one.

    3. People voting 1,2,3,4,5 are not idiots, they are just Scottish. Any Scottish fan watching that game certainly wouldn’t be rating it as a classic

  3. Enjoyable game to watch, too one sided to be a classic but fun and exciting. 7/10

    Hogg looked short of game time but then so did whole Scot backline, knock ons took the momentum out of them regularly.

    Forward won the game for Wales with hardwork and big hits.

    Josh Adams looked the real deal, hard to fit Liam Williams back into the team after that performance.

    England will be different all together. How much will Wales benefit from extra day turnaround and easier travel? Who knows but I’m looking unexpectedly looking forward to it.

    Comparing Wal v Scot and the limited amount I saw of Fra v Ire does anyone agree that the stadium roof closed giving dry conditions benefits that attacking and skill spectacle of the game?

    1. I wouldn’t blame any of the Scottish backs individually but the tactics for open/back play were misguided at best. They were flinging the ball wide at the first available opportunity, which I’m afraid is utterly naive against an incredibly well-organized Welsh defence.

  4. Have to say, if I was Gatland, the performances of Shingler, Navidi and Patchell would make me wonder if I should persist with players like Lydiate and Biggar.

    Wales now know they have good strength in depth in the back row and in the backs.

    Worrying for England? I don’t think so really as they will work hard to correct the mistakes made against Italy today and, will be better at Twickenham in front of more home support.

    Scotland were poor though but, fair play to Wales for exploiting the opportunities and securing a good win.

    1. I would like to completely agree but ,.. Tipuric is the best 7 i have ever seen play rugby, his game is so rounded and complete, i just could not leave him out.

      1. I didn’t say Tipuric, I said Lydiate. I agree Tipuric is too good to leave out completely, as is Warburton if he can ever stay fit for a whole tournament. But Gatland has a few hangers on who have now (in my opinion) been surpassed by others.

  5. Who keeps trip, trapping over Osiboys bridge?

    Look the score at the end of the day is the important thing, Wales won, Scotland choked, everyone got carried away (as I have said on other posts) with the AI’s yes Scotland played well but leaked like a sieve at the back and in the Wales game they were trying to be too clever, Finn Russell in particular and it blew up in their faces.

    Also it was amazing how the pundits changed shtick from ‘Scotland have got a chance’ to ‘Italy have got Scotland looking over their shoulder’.

  6. Don’t think Scotland have to worry about Italy, they just need to work on the balance of playing styles. As many people predicted on this blog before the tournament started, they looked lacking in heft in the forwards (McNally and the Gray brothers aside), and I really thought that the props were ineffectual around the park, at least 2 Welsh tries came from attacking the prop defending channel, drawing a Scottish back into the tackle and creating the overlap. 1) need to play with 15 men, not 13 + 2) forwards need to run straight and hard a bit more often.


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