Six Nations 2019: England Squad Update

Kyle Sinckler

England head coach Eddie Jones has called up 25 players to attend a training camp in Oxford this week.

The players will assemble on Tuesday for a four-day camp which will see the Georgian national team take part in two days of training with the England team.

In addition, Maro Itoje (Saracens) will continue his rehabilitation in Oxford while the Bath Rugby pair Sam Underhill and Anthony Watson will be in for medical checks only.

England squad

Luke Cowan-Dickie (Exeter Chiefs)
Tom Curry (Sale Sharks)
Charlie Ewels (Bath Rugby)
Ellis Genge (Leicester Tigers)
Jamie George (Saracens)
Nathan Hughes (Wasps)
George Kruis (Saracens)
Joe Launchbury (Wasps)
Ben Moon (Exeter Chiefs)
Brad Shields (Wasps)
Kyle Sinckler (Harlequins)
Billy Vunipola (Saracens)
Harry Williams (Exeter Chiefs)
Mark Wilson (Newcastle Falcons)

Joe Cokanasiga (Bath Rugby)
Elliot Daly (Wasps)
Owen Farrell (Saracens) captain
George Ford (Leicester Tigers)
Jonny May (Leicester Tigers)
Jack Nowell (Exeter Chiefs)
Dan Robson (Wasps)
Henry Slade (Exeter Chiefs)
Ben Te’o (Worcester Warriors)
Manu Tuilagi (Leicester Tigers)
Ben Youngs (Leicester Tigers)

23 thoughts on “Six Nations 2019: England Squad Update

  1. Depressing. End of International careers for Mike Brown and Danny Care who are both playing well enough to be in the squad, and a final opportunity to give Cops a chance to stake a place spurned. We won’t win a World Cup with Farrell and Young s at half back and this was an opportunity to roll the dice. And why is Hughes there with Morgan in such good form?

    1. Because Ed is an intractable, unbending play safe. He obviously has his favourites. I just wish our highly rewarded SH coaches would remember that it’s OUR World cup as much as theirs (if not more so) and long after they have departed for another lucrative post elsewhere , we will still be smarting about another missed opportunity to win it for a second time. Whatever happens in Japan, I won’t be sad to see the back of Mr J.

  2. Like Maggie Thatcher, Ed seems ‘not for turning’. EJ is intractable as Acee states & seems blind to teplacing players in a couple of pivotal roles to change it up nxt up. Can’t understand why not, especially as it’s his job is on the line in the end. May have more in common with Theresa in this respect. All been stated before, but with the same old, I can t see anything essentially being improved. With just the depleted Scots & Italy @ home, England will likely resurrect things on the scoreboard, but in reality, Jones is just hamstringing England IMO. He’s unnecessarily made England vulnerable by exposing their limitations, especially when under pressure & away from home, for the WC. He’s also dissipated the aura surrounding the Irish result. From a SH POV, I suppose I should be reassured, but from a rugby purist’s POV, I instead feel depleted. Frustrating & it could have been so different with some foresight. But, who knows, Jones may surprise me?

  3. No surprises in this squad – did any of us expect anything different? Hoped for – definitely. As a Glaws supporter, absolutely delighted that Mr EJ is ignoring the form of Cips and Morgan. As an England supporter I just put my head in my hands and weep.

    However, as I stated after the Irish and French games, nothing is ever as good as it seems after a victory and never as bad as it seems after a defeat.

    Before the tournament started, I had Wales winning this game. Whatever anyone thinks, they are a good side and were at home. I bet they wish they could play the English every week as they always manage to get themselves up for it like no other team they play.

    I still think that we have a team that can get to the knock out stages of the RWC, and you never know what is going to happen at that stage. I am HOPING that EJ will learn from Saturday. Maybe he is just lulling the world in to a false sense of optimism that we are a one trick pony……….

    1. Gloucester find themselves in the position Exe were in over the last couple of years. Absolutely filled with gifted players but seemingly invisible to the England management. Does help with the league but you do tend to feel underappreciated internationally. I often look back on those times now with a certain fondness…

  4. Not surprised to see no Cips and Morgan, although i would have both in my squad on current form. I wondered if playing Italy was an opportunity to try someone/something new but it seems not, for instance, i thought Slater, Marchant or Thorley may get an invite to see what they could do.

  5. I do find it weird that everyone calls for big changes after a defeat. Especially after must pundits were purring about how settled the back line looked after the first two games. What do you think EJ would gain from putting Cip at 10 for the next two games? Surely the right response is to correct and train out the multiple mistakes that were made in Saturday and turn this squad into genuine WC contenders. We know they can play – first halves in SA showed how dangerous they can be ball in hand, and first two games here showed a great kicking game. Need to work on decision making under pressure and varying the game plan. I agree this points to an improvement required from Farrell and Youngs but I’d bank on this rather than the disruption of personnel changes in pivotal positions.

    1. I think he would gain the possibility of going into the WC with a fly half who has extraordinary spatial awareness and can put players into holes that most of them don´t even see Hendog. Youngs has been patchy for the past two seasons and his speed and consistency of pass does not compare with De Klerk, White, Heinz, Care, Robson, Simpson, Wiggie or Spencer. Coaching can only take players so far. At some stage you need the ability to play what is in front of you, which Cips and Care both have in spades. As to the other problems, I still don´t think Daly is a full back, and Morgan is a far better player than Hughes who they have been trying to teach to run into contact with a decent body angle for years. In some places we are well served with options. In others, there are a couple of games left to look at alternatives. Brown looks a better full back every time I see Daly play and should still be in the mix. If EJ is going to stick with what he has we may win two more games in this SN and squeeze out of our group in the WC but we won´t win it. Oh, and just to be controversial I would make Launchbury captain.

      1. Makes sense to me AL. Just can’t fathom why Jones doesn’t see yr points as giving himself further options, esp with the WC looming. Daly’s inexp was exposed by Amos. Would Brown have been shown up so? Would Cip have mechanically kicked it all day? Would Care, Robson? Would Morgan have added more variety, options? Poss not, if they too simply followed orders? However, Jones must surely change his tactics regardless of personnel. I may be wrong, but I just don’t see EJ benching his set in stone favourites somehow. If not, somewhat concerning.

    2. Hendog – not sure that anyone is calling for big changes. A couple of different personal to provide a plan B would be nice though. Also it seems that EJ only finds new players eg Mark Wilson and Tom Curry when injuries force his hand, so why not try out a couple of different players when the opportunity presents itself.

      It is possible that Gatland made a sacrifice of bonus points against Italy in return for more data on fringe players for the RWC. Potentially not a bad trade off. Seems like we are prioritising the 6N.

      1. Zounds staggy! Agree with both of yr paras. What’s going on!? Do you think that Gatland may also have wanted to freshen up his ‘A’ team?

      2. I take your point but I also see EJs point of view. Ultimately it’s a trade off – more game time and opportunity to gel for what he reckons is the 1st XV vs. trying out new combinations. My view is that you could put Cips, Robson, Twelvetrees, Care, whoever in to play against Italy (and Scotland probably) and they’ll look awesome. So why bother?

        I genuinely think the issue is not personnel. Farrell played like a drain on Saturday but he’s still our best all-round fly-half in my view.
        I do agree on Morgan being better than Hughes but the latter is perhaps a more versatile option for the squad.

  6. Now that I’ve had time to digest my disappointment, I find my self in agreeance with Hendog.
    Owen Farrel and Young’s have proved themselves at the highest level time and time again. Farrel, to me, is normally a steely eyed conductor and at one point I’d have said that Young’s was on a par with Aaron Smith.
    I just think they had poor games and when players in such pivotal positions under perform, the outcome is inevitable.
    After all, both Young’s and Farrel had kicked very successfully in the two prior games.
    Let’s hope they can turn it around.

    1. Youngs on a par with Aaron Smith? Sorry Sharpy, you often make sense but that is delusional. Perhaps you were thinking of Maggie Smith?

    2. Sharply, Farrell & Youngs are both functional, in winning teams. It’s when they’re under the pump that there seems to be an issue. Needed a bit more than a ‘steely (Dan?) eyed conductor’ last Sat. To state that ‘they had poor games’ misreads the situation. Neither had the vision, foresight or nous to change tactics which weren’t working. That was & remains the issue thus far. Same, even more worryingly, for Jones. Some homework to be done.

      1. Seems little point in calling for the likes of Cipriani to be added to the England squad when all he’s likely to do is sit on a bench. EJ had a different option against Wales in Ford but for some inexplicable reason decided not to use him to replace a fly half who had been off his game from the first whistle. Ditto with Robson.
        What has happened to Ben Youngs btw? He’s always been slow to pass but now he seems to have added hesitancy and slow around the field to that. What happened to the Ben Youngs who constantly kept opposition packs on their toes through his clever darts and eye for gaps? Does anyone actually remember the last time he tested defences like that?

        1. Really agree with this. The players are there – Robson and Ford are outstanding attacking options. Why not use them? Youngs also but is not being used that way (Curry instead is taking those darts…). So I don’t think this is about selection. It’s about use of the bench and adapting tactics on the field. Surely that’s not beyond the wit of an international coach to improve….?

        2. No Pablito I don’t but that could be due to advancing old age! Watching De Klerk for Sale this weekend you could see how vital a class scrum half is. You are absolutely right, Young s has gone backwards. I am confirmed in this opinion by the fact that Stephen Jones said he had a really good game in the Sunday Times, which is always a sure sign that he is hoping a player will stay in the squad and weaken it. I wouldn’t call up Cips and put him on the bench, I would start him for the next two games. Him against Russell is a mouth watering prospect.

          1. Would love to see Russell vs Cipriani but it’ll never happen (isn’t Russell injured anyway?)
            Agreed on S Jones – how on earth you could watch Ben Youngs and say he had a good game is beyond me!

            1. Pablito. It’s possibly because he’s never forgiven Paul Thorburn, the then Welsh captain, for calling him ‘the scum of the earth’ . Jones was attending a post match dins dins incl speeches, one of which was by Thorburn & in which he also invited Jones to vacate the premises (Jones declined). Jones had just put the boot into his ‘own’! Perhaps Jones now thinks he’s more English than the English? So, perhaps in order to keep ingratiating himself, anything or anyone E is good? Deeply unhappy man?


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