Six Nations League – not long left to join

The stage is now set for the opening matches in the 2008 RBS 6 Nations – and time is running out to join the Six Nations Betting league that we are running here on The Rugby Blog.

Follow this link for all the details, but here is a quick summary:

1. Click here to go to our very own page on Betfair

2. Open an account and deposit £10

3. Email me your Betfair username

4. Read this guide on how to make money on Betfair

5. Place your bets for the opening weekend

The person that makes the most money by betting on Six Nations markets will win – they range from tournament winner to when the first try will be scored.


All those entered in the competition by 31st January will go into a prize draw to win two tickets to the England v Barbarians match at Twickenham on June 1st. The other prizes will be awarded to those that make the most money.

1st prize – £250

2nd prize – £200

3rd prize – £150

We have also had the following additional prizes donated:

4th prize – 4 weekend passes (with camping) to the Bournemouth Sevens

5th prize – framed Rugby print from Devoted to Sport

6th prize – your choice of any item of clothing from Front Up

Those in 7th to 10th place will receive a T-Shirt from the I Want a Match of the Day for Rugby campaign.

7 thoughts on “Six Nations League – not long left to join

  1. This is a blatant attempt to make money through betfair’s affiliate program. You are exploiting your users by encouraging people to waste money gambling. I am disappointed that this blog (which i used to respect) has stooped so low. Blogs should be trustworthy and transparent… therefore i suggest you disclose affiliate links.

    You might also want to check your link to the betfair guide – it doesn’t work… who knows how many conversions that has lost you!?

  2. I’m sorry you feel this way. In no way are we trying to do anything underhand, and by creating this competition, everyone can benefit from Betfair’s generosity – there is some significant prize money on offer, and any profit we make will go towards web hosting and improving the site.

    In no way do any affiliate programs influence the content on this blog. You’ll notice that there are no flashing banners or Google ads, which should prove to you that we aren’t in this for a quick buck.

    I thought about just deleting your comment, but I’m not hiding anything from anyone so I am happy to respond.

  3. James – I didn’t win on any of my bets. I hold you and the people who’s opinions on this site i trusted about an England win completely responsible for me losing that £2.
    Please reimburse me immediately.

  4. Guys, I thoroughly enjoy reading and commenting on The Rugby Blog as you probably know. I’m sure I speak for most when I say I find this complaint a tad naive.

    You guys have your costs to cover and do some great work on this blog and give us a platform to air our views with no direct gain from your readers. Hardly selling your soul to the devil is it?

    Credit to you for letting the post stand and its argument fall of its own weight. I guess I’d post anonymously if I came up with such a lame complaint!

  5. Dear “anon” (very transparent, by the way) – if you don’t like it, don’t do it. Simple. You should be grateful you live in a free society where this is allowed. I live in a repressed country where the state dictates that we cannot use sites like Betfair, and will prosecute my bank and credit card provider if I do (clue – also the country that preaches the importance of freedom to the rest of the world).

  6. Well said Uncle Mat – brings to mind the words of the great philosopher Pauline Calf:

    “If you like it do it, if you don’t like it do it, you might like it!”

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