South Africa steal England’s crown

South Africa became the 2007 World Champions last night after beating England by 15 points to 6.

The Springboks deserved to win, but the final was a dour affair.  The debate over whether Mark Cueto scored the try that was disallowed by the TMO will continue, but South Africa are the more worthy champions.

They took England on up front and beat them at their own game.  Still no team has successfully defended their crown, and still no team that has lost a game in the tournament has gone on to win.  If England had retained the Web Ellis Cup after that 36-point drubbing, it would have been ridiculous.

How do you think the game was won?

9 thoughts on “South Africa steal England’s crown

  1. South Africa won it by being better than England in just about every single department.

    I’d love to know what you Englishmen think of the coward, Toby Flood.

  2. Not an Englishman but I do not think that what Toby Flood did was intentional; I agree with Nick, South Africa did out play England in most part especially the breakdown.
    The only disappointing thing about the night was how ungracious Bryan Ashton was in defeat, all the English players congratulated S.A. but he did not?

  3. He pushed Montgomery in the back as they chased a ball out of bounds, forcing Percy over the advertising hoardings and into a television camera.

  4. Doesn’t look too malicious to me. Probably shouldn’t have done it, but it wasn’t a hard push and it just looks worse because the TV camera was there.

  5. Why focus on that Nick? Far, far worse goes on on a rugby pitch than a little push in the back that didn’t cause any real injury.

    Aside from that i think Jake White summed it up well at the end of the match: You play your fancy rugby in the group stages then you let defence take over in the knockouts to win the trophy. SA learnt that after their Fiji scare and deserved their win.

  6. Agreed Spike – it’s been an awesome tournament, the best team won, all rugby fans have had a ball – why focus on a petty little incident in the final and end it on a negative note. A bit sad really.

    South Africa put in the sort of efficient and professional performance that is required at this stage – they basically did what England wanted to do but did it better. I think the Cueto try incident was important because England are far better equipped to chase a lead than defend one. I’m not passing any comment on whether it should have been given – I was convinced it was a try at the time and have not yet developed the objectivity since the game to pass a balanced judgement.

    I’ve got no idea what I’m going to do with my time now – I was even flirting with the idea of watching football this evening, it’s that bad.

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