SportGuru is becoming SuperBru

SuperBruFrom tomorrow, SportGuru will be rebranded as / merged with SuperBru.

The only difference to players will be a different logo and different URL, whilst the rest of the game will remain exactly as it is (and slightly better). It will be a shame to lose the SportGuru brand, but there will be a whole range of user benefits.

SuperBru, which is owned and operated by the same business behind SportGuru and The Rugby Blog, has been running since 2006. It originally focused on southern hemisphere tournaments, but has attracted a global audience of nearly 400,000 players – including a large number of UK-based users.

SportGuru has been the UK-focused version of the same game since 2009, and has also attracted users from around the world – on Wednesday this week, we will be merging the two platforms, but you’ll still be able to login with your SportGuru account details.


The range of tournaments on offer will increase significantly – everything we run on SportGuru such as Pro12, Aviva Premiership, Heineken Cup and Premier League football will all be produced on SuperBru, alongside tournaments like The Rugby Championship and Australia’s NRL.

With increased scale – the combined audience will be nearly half a million sports fans – there will be more games to play, more people to play against and more prizes on offer. As a business, having all players on a single platform should be more compelling for sponsors, who we rely on to keep the site going.

We’ll also benefit from operational efficiencies by just running the single platform, and that will reduce server load and free up more time to build new features and continue to develop the game.


We are also improving the user experience to become more relevant to each player.

For example, users in the UK that are only interested in UK rugby tournaments will just see those tournaments when they log in, they’ll play in Autopools against people from the same region, and they’ll see the prizes available to them.

Each user will be able to select their preferences to personalise their SuperBru experience accordingly.


The site will be unavailable today whilst the data is copied across, and then from tomorrow, 18th July, you will be able to login using your normal SportGuru login details and your account will be copied across to SuperBru. Your entire profile, history and honours will remain intact, and you’ll still be able to reunite previous pools and invite people you play with most often. If you have an account on both sites, you’ll be able to merge profiles and keep your entire history intact.

Anyone visiting will see a page explaining the changes and will be able to login to SuperBru from there.

Please help to communicate the changes when you create your pools in order to make the transition as smooth as possible, and hopefully we’ll continue to get bigger and better.

Thank you for playing SportGuru, and we hope you’ll continue to enjoy the game under its new guise of SuperBru.

Any questions?

There are a series of FAQs on the SportGuru site here and if you have any queries about the rebranding, please get in touch with us on

The Rugby Blog pools

We ran a pool in every Rugby tournament on SportGuru, and will obviously continue to do so on SuperBru. There will be significantly more tournaments to play, so look out for pool invitations to the Top 14, The Rugby Championship, Currie Cup, ITM Cup, Aviva Premiership, Pro12, Heineken Cup, Amlin Challenge Cup, Autumn Internationals and plenty more during the season!