Stuart Lancaster to take charge of England during the Six Nations

According to the Daily Telegraph, England Saxons head coach Stuart Lancaster is set to take charge of the senior side during the 2012 Six Nations tournament, whilst the RFU searches for the right man to lead England forward in the long-term.

The former Director of Rugby at Leeds joined the RFU in March 2008, and has led the Saxons to victory in the Churchill Cup over the last two years.

In addition, Gavin Mairs reports that Brian Smith, John Wells and Dave Alred are all likely to be released from their positions, with Smith in particular coming in for heavy criticism during the meeting of the Professional Game Board last week. John Wells is expected to take up a role with the National Academy. Graham Rowntree, who is reportedly a target for Wales, Scotland and Bath, along with Mike Ford, will stay on to assist Lancaster during the Six Nations.

What do you think of England’s approach? Are they making the right decision not rushing into a new appointment? Let us know.

12 thoughts on “Stuart Lancaster to take charge of England during the Six Nations

  1. They are just following clives ideas in the times yesterday as thats where most of rob andrews ideas come from … the media…. here is a thought… maybe andrew should take the job as he has control over everything else…and is making a pigs ear of it !

  2. I think avoiding a knee jerk appointment is probably for the best, but how many of those coaches out there are going to wait around. Hopefully Mr Andrew is justifying his colossal salary by having a quiet word with some of the possibles.

  3. I think this is the best option for the short term. I’m sure Stuart Lancaster will do a good job, and maybe he will help bring in some of the players who should be in the squad. Being the Saxons coach he will know a lot of the players already. Who knows, he may even prove to be the right man for the job long term.

    1. This is true, and we’ve had plenty of discussion on here about a number of the Saxons players that should be involved in the senior team. Perhaps this is a chance for players like Narraway, Kitchener and Robshaw to come through. Maybe even Sinbad finally?!

      1. The fact that he has been getting results with the Saxons, and has been picking players on form, speaks volumes. There were several players who put their hands up for Elite player selection in the Churchill Cup, some of them in positions where the Elite team have been poor recently, and should be replaced.

        1. Problem is that he doesn’t have a real mandate and won’t want to upset the Applecart if he’s in a Caretaker role, especially if he wants his old job back after! I think he may just end up being a puppet for the RFU in which case it is a terrible decision. I look forward to being proved wrong not sure I will be though unfortunately

          1. Agree that he won’t be able to create his own culture around him while caretaker, (which might be for the best as you don’t want to set up a structure only for someone else to rearrange it in six months time) but if he can pick players on form and give them direction on the field, I can’t see how this will hurt England.

            The problem may be that if he gets the job permanently, he will then not be able to get the RFU to agree to putting any new structures in place as he will have done the job for a while without them.

  4. Pretty hard to decide if this is good or bad. it feels liken the next coach will get one less year to build for the 2015 rwc. But at the same time they shouldn’t rush it. Who knows Lancaster may do a great job and keep the post! Only time will tell… classic fence sitter

  5. I think it’s important right now for England to try and keep on Graham Rowntree. He’s obviously hot property and you don’t want him signing a deal with Wales or Scotland. The most important thing is to resist making snap decisions, especially while the RFU doesn’t know what it’s doing, but to also wait on the findings of the reports and see what needs to be done. Then you get your list of applicants/targets together and ask them how they’d go about it.

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