Summer Tour 2018: England Team To Play South Africa 3rd Test

Eddie Jones

Eddie Jones

England head coach Eddie Jones has named his side to face South Africa in the final test at Newlands, Cape Town on Saturday 23rd June (KO 16:05 BST live on Sky Sports Action & Main Event).

There are three changes to the starting XV with Joe Marler (Harlequins) named in the front row replacing Mako Vunipola (Saracens), who returned home for family reasons earlier this week.

Danny Cipriani (Wasps) will make his first start for England since 2008, replacing George Ford (Leicester Tigers) at fly half.

Chris Robshaw (Harlequins) replaces Brad Shields (Hurricanes/ Wasps) at blindside flanker due to illness.

Eddie Jones said: “We’ve had a really upbeat training week. We are up for the battle and are going to rip in on Saturday. We want another committed performance where it will be crucial to maintain our composure when the heat is on.

“We are expecting a wet and windy old day at Newlands and have elected to play Danny Cipriani ahead of George Ford to give us a left-foot kicking option. We will need to jump out of the blocks quickly again and make sure we maintain that pressure and make good decisions.

“I’ve been really impressed with the fortitude of the squad under Owen Farrell, who is a young captain, and with a number of young players who have really stuck to the task.”

15 Elliot Daly (Wasps, 20 caps)
14 Jonny May (Leicester Tigers, 36 caps)
13 Henry Slade (Exeter Chiefs, 12 caps)
12 Owen Farrell (Saracens, 60 caps) captain
11 Mike Brown (Harlequins, 71 caps)
10 Danny Cipriani (Wasps, 15 caps)
9 Ben Youngs (Leicester Tigers, 76 caps)

1 Joe Marler (Harlequins, 58 caps)
2 Jamie George (Saracens, 27 caps)
3 Kyle Sinckler (Harlequins, 12 caps)
4 Joe Launchbury (Wasps, 53 caps)
5 Maro Itoje (Saracens, 21 caps)
6 Chris Robshaw (Harlequins, 65 caps)
7 Tom Curry (Sale Sharks, 3 cap)
8 Nathan Hughes (Wasps, 16 caps)

16 Luke Cowan-Dickie (Exeter Chiefs, 7 caps)
17 Alec Hepburn (Exeter Chiefs, 2 caps)
18 Harry Williams (Exeter Chiefs, 10 caps)
19 Jonny Hill (Exeter Chiefs, 0 caps)
20 Mark Wilson (Newcastle Falcons, 3 caps)
21 Sam Simmonds (Exeter Chiefs, 7 caps)
22 Ben Spencer (Saracens, 2 cap)
23 Denny Solomona (Sale Sharks, 4 caps)

What do you think of the team? Can they earn the win?

29 thoughts on “Summer Tour 2018: England Team To Play South Africa 3rd Test

  1. Sigh.

    Being positive about this selection rather than bored by it, if Cipriani can spark (for 80 mins) the same team that Ford couldn’t, it makes a very strong argument in his favour.

  2. Cipriani at 10 the boy call that he needed to make but also finally the inclusion of Sam Simmonds who I’ve been waiting to see all tour. Baffled Robson doesn’t even get a chance to show his worth after so many calls for him to be selected, Eddie must prefer the game management of Spencer compared to Robson’s sniping ability (something we’ve lacked with no Care). 6-2 forward-back split on the bench is noteworthy to where England are looking to improve and how they will play.

  3. What a joke!

    Eddie admitted his regret of the six nations was not finding a backup to Young’s and Care. So what does he do for this tour?? Play Ben Young’s for 75mins both games giving spencer only 10 meaningless minutes in total to try and show something and then not even bothering to look at Robson who’s been the form English 9 in the prem this year!!

    Mind boggling!

  4. Also what does Lowsoski have to do to get picked? He completely outplayed Slade in the final at 13 (who’s defence has been nonexistent in the last 2 games) yet doesn’t even get a go off the bench all tour?

    I’d love Slade to do well but he’s had 14 caps and always flattered to deceive.

    1. Agree with this and I am on the same page that’s Slade looks class at club level but I feel EJ is probably worries about the fact he’s only played several games the position and defensively 13 is very important.

      Feel like Slade is running out of chances to make an impression although he’s only played 13 outside a 10 playing 12 (i.e Lozowski , Farrell, Francis) so feel like the “2nd playmaker” job is already taken meaning he is kinda pointless unless he’s playing with a Te’o/Tuilagi type at 12.

  5. Cipriani starts yay and does Simmonds but no Robson, Daly remaining at full back and Brown on the wing and Itoje retained.

    Not the changes I was expecting but I hope Cipriani is given license and time to run the show.

  6. Our pack is going to get smashed again. This will be another loss, suspect will play out same as the other two games. SA will not be seeing this as a dead rubber as they are on a high and will want to get a whitewash to get confidence right up there prior to the Rugby Championship.

    1. Can’t wait to see you eat your words on Sunday! Jantjes is actually very talented, and I do’t this England is good enough to really throw him off his game.

  7. Jones: “(we) have elected to play Danny Cipriani ahead of George Ford to give us a left-foot kicking option.”

    …along with Brown, Daly & Slade. I hope that this is not what Eddie told George Ford, as I doubt he would have swallowed this!

    1. Yes but we know EJ will say any old cr*p. I’ve been expecting him to drop Ford for ages – nobody thinks he’s up to th standard needed except a few faithful England supporters – and it’s finally happened. Cipriani is class.

  8. At last Cips gets a chance but why no Robson – what was the point of him going on tour. Why is Robshaw back in instead of Shields, Wilson needs a go and Robshaw is tired and out of form. No chance for Lozowski either but i am quite happy to see the midfield given a chance to build some continuity although i do agree that Slade is better outside a ‘bosher’ than another playmaker. At least Hill is on the bench, i imagine Isiekwe is coming out of this much more dented than he should of. Cips aside, i just don’t get EJ selection process again and strongly suspect we will get trounced.

    1. Apparently Shields is ill, but I would have much rather seen Wilson get a start, as Robshaw seems shot.

  9. At last Cips gets a chance but why no Robson – what was the point of him going on tour. Why is Robshaw back in instead of Shields, Wilson needs a go and Robshaw is tired and out of form. No chance for Lozowski either but i am quite happy to see the midfield given a chance to build some continuity although i do agree that Slade is better outside a ‘bosher’ than another playmaker. At least Hill is on the bench, i imagine Isiekwe is coming out of this much more dented than he should of. Cips aside, i just don’t get EJ selection process again and strongly suspect we will get trounced.

  10. One more thought, i don’t rate George much; i think he has wasted his chances and would rather have seen LCD start and Singleton on the bench – another who has flown out there for nothing.

  11. To win a rugby match it seems to me it is basic common sense to play players in their best position.(1) Brown is a better 15 than Daly(2)Daly is a better 13 than Slade.(3)Robson is a better 9 than Youngs

    1. Harlequin, I would replace your ‘better’ for ‘different’ on all three of your examples there.

  12. He gets worse… marler shouldnt even be there… the only positive is cipriani gets to start at 10… youngs is playing awfully the elbow from this team would of been good to see robson and spencer share it. Brown should of got same and daly back on wing woodward should of been considered…. had great season and is an fb, plus slade out lozowski in…or change wing and put daly there, poor again from jones never going to build a decent side it seems just constant bad choices. Feel sorry for us all… Lancaster changed every 5 seconds had eyes for ability but no idea how to coach, jones fixed lancaster tactical failings but cant build for trash

  13. Well, I got the margin exactly right last week on Super Bru but didn´t comment after the game because frankly I am completely bemused by some of what is going on. Some of the selections this week increase that bemusement. Starting at the front, Sinkler has had two games to prove that he is nowhere near an international class tight head (he´s not even the best at Harlequins) and should be dropped for Williams. George has suffered from not having support on that side and probably deserves another start, though I would get LCD on early to show what he can do. Itoje looks knackered, but even in that state is probably a better call than Isiekwe or Hill. Their selection for this squad smacks of preparing for 2023. Why no Slater, Atwood or other hard, gnarly awkward bastards in the squad? I would make Launch captain, partly because I think he had a better game last week than most of the pack, but mainly because Farrell showed that he is still petulant and doesn´t understand how to get on the right side of the ref. Launch is at least totally unflappable, leads by example and doesn´t alienate people. Hughes should not be playing after his ridiculous yellow card last week. I would have given Wilson a start at 8, with Simmonds at 7. I am not as convinced about Curry yet as some seem to be, and think in the long term he will be hard pushed to hold his place in the face of a challenge from Willis, Mercer or his brother Ben. I don´t think Shields is any great loss, he seems like a slightly slower version of Haskell (as was).
    No way Youngs should start. He has played poorly in both games so far and we have to have a look at the alternatives. Good to see Cips get a start at last, but if it is cold wet and windy he may not get much chance to shine. Ford must be insulted by Eddie´s excuse for dropping him, with three other left footed kickers in the backs. Farrell is due a good game, even his kicking seems to have gone off, and I would have dropped Slade for Daly at 13, moving Brown back to full back and bringing in Earle on the wing with Lozowski on the bench to take advantage of his playing regularly with Farrell. Apart from these minimal changes I think EJ knows exactly what he has doing and have every confidence that he will talk fluently and aggressively after we have lost the game about “valuable learning experiences”. I am surprised he hasn´t taken the team to altitude to acclimatise now that we are playing at sea level. Our only hope is that the 8 changes SA have made weaken them.

    1. I totally agree with 99% of what you say Andy. You might want to have a bucthers at the Times article of today . The RFU are in a bit of a pickle money wise it seems. Maybe this explains Jones’ increasingly lassaiz faire attitude toward his job and player selection. If he knows the RFU can’t cancel his contract and pay him off then that is a hugely dangerous situation.
      I fear the next eighteen months will only serve to affirm that he is effectively bomb proof and can do what ever he feels is right without any real accountability.
      I’m not going to comment on the selection for saturday, i’d be typing all night. I will raise one point though: how many games will Robshaw, Brown, Mako, Itoje, Youngs etc have played by the time the WC comes around? Scary is not the word!

  14. When you’ve lost the first two games with a group of players who should do better, what do you do in the last game………….? I know, change the fly half and give them no support off the bench!?
    Not sure what Eddie’s plan is if Farrell or Cipriani get crocked in the first 20 minutes? I guess it would involve moving Slade to 12, Daly to 13 and Brown to 15 with Solomona covering wing? That sounds like a disaster waiting to happen to me??!?!?

    1. I actually don’t mind the sound of that backline too much haha! It is a risk, but I can understand the reasoning – we were beaten in the forwards both tests so a 6:2 split and extra fresh legs might give us a boost in the closing stages.

  15. Well, it’s only taken a decade is it for Cipriani to get picked again & ‘to give us a left-foot kicking option’? Eh? Is this comment a sop to Ford? DC has more than just a trusty left boot surely. And don’t England need to KEEP ball? Hope for England’s sake that Cip’s not under starter’s orders to replicate Ford’s (or EJ’s) game. Either way, it’s an overdue pick & I just hope for Cipriani’s sake that the ensuing tsunami like pressure doesn’t compel him to overplay his normal game (if he’s allowed to do so i.e.). And is Shields sick… of what? Surely not of playing for EJ already?

  16. Big chance for Cipriani. A challenge for sure, but he has a great opportunity to make a case for being our No 1 FH. I really hope he takes it, though its going to be very difficult given how poorly we’ve been playing.
    Robshaw ahead of Wilson is just mind numbingly stupid – and grossly unfair to the Falcons player. Robshaw looked shot 2 weeks ago and its hard to see how he could be revitalised now.
    A lock on the bench is welcome, as is the inclusion of Simmonds. But only 2 backs is a bit risky as neither have the versatility to play in more than one position.
    For those missing out completely – Robson, Lozowski, Woodward and the 2 Earls – I think we can safely say they arent going to be in any England squad post this tour. In the case of the first three names thats very disappointing.

  17. The team, Cip apart, is otherwise a conservative selection. Seems like it’s been chosen more for EJ’s preservation than for England’s future in building for the WC. I suppose Jones needs a win, but when his team composition is compared with the AB team for the next French game, he’s more likely to be selected the future PM of England. Not stating either team’s selections are wrong, but it makes no sense not to have used a guy like Woodward @ f/back & a few others off the bench which is again pretty conservative. Mainly though, EJ has to get England playing smarter rugby, certainly @ breakdown & midfield. Maybe Cip can trigger the line.. if the loosies get enough ball? England to scrape this 1..maybe?

    1. Nah. we’ll get tutored up front again. Sinckler couldn’t push drugs let alone kitshoff. George is a shadow of the player he is at Sarries, Robshaw is knackered and we still don’t have a really gnarly , hefty lock. Apart from that no worries!

  18. Well nothing lasts forever and so it’s come to pass. EJ must have lost his man management wand. A poor show to leave so many tourists unblooded.
    If Robson has “ earned his chance” or “ gives us different options” why isn’t he taking advantage of that. The Wasps 9, particularly, must be feeling poorly treated.
    Now I know we have to try and build momentum before the WC but you have to speculate to illuminate your best side.
    We are 18 months away from the only competition that matters.
    Young’s to my mind won’t regain the sort of form we need.
    Centralised contracts for me. By the time the WC comes round, our players are going to be knackered. Unlike the aging Sexton who will go into that competition like a spring chicken.
    Who ever wins the next 6 Nations( and it should be at a canter, like Ireland this year) will hold the Northen Hemisphere’s only hope of success.


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