Super Rugby 2013 Preview 1: The Southern Kings

kingsWith the start of the 2013 Super Rugby season just around the corner, I found it fitting to start this series of articles with a look at the new boys on the block, the Southern Kings from South Africa’s Eastern Provinces.

For one reason or another, there has been plenty of controversy surrounding their ascension to Super Rugby. For now though, I’m going to focus on the rugby side of things.

Ex-Stormers and Sharks loose forward Luke Watson will be captaining the side coached by former Crusaders hooker, Matt Sexton.

The three provincial unions in the Kings’ catchment area have never been able to make an impact on or recently even qualify for the Currie Cup, South Africa’s premier domestic competition. For this reason alone I wouldn’t get my hopes up of them achieving anything but a spot in the next Promotion/Relegation play-offs against the Lions.

Shortly after it was made official that the Kings would be part of this year’s Super Rugby, they went on an expansive shopping spree, acquiring 16 new players and covering just about every position on the field. These purchases included 5 players from other Super Rugby franchises and 6 foreign internationals.

I’m merely guessing, but I think the Southern Kings will not only find themselves completely outclassed, but fail so miserably that all the so-called “progress” they’ve made thus far, would be destroyed in the process.

For it is an honour to participate in the Super Rugby competition, not a right. You must first prove that you are capable of holding a candle to the best in your own country before demanding to be compete in such a prestigious tournament.

My prediction for the Kings is, without a doubt in my mind, the wooden spoon.

by Jackie Smit

24 thoughts on “Super Rugby 2013 Preview 1: The Southern Kings

  1. “it is an honour to participate in the Super Rugby competition”

    I agree entirely, I expect them to be unceremoniously booted from the competition and look forward to welcoming the Lions back next year.

  2. don’t be surprised…I think the Cheetahs and Lions will be playing promotion/relegation matches at the end of Super 15

    1. Maybe you don’t understand, but I won’t blame you. Lions will have to beat the Cheetahs in play offs…haha

  3. Pieter, the thing with the Kings is just this, they can’t even qualify for the Currie Cup, what makes you think they’ll be able to stand their ground at this level? When was the last time either the Cheetahs or Lions weren’t able to qualify for the Currie Cup?

    1. Haha…sorry Jackie. You don’t know what you are saying. If the Kings played Currie cup promotion/relegation with their new team, the Cheetahs would be playing first division this year. That is my reason for saying that the cubs and the Cheetahs will be playing Super 15 promotion/relegation

      1. Haha…are you arguing? You must be a Lions supporter for you are not doing a good job of it!
        Who is doing preview of the Kings…have they named their Super 15 group? Can anybody do a preview without a team?

  4. Could this weekend’s warm-up between the Kings and Lions be a preview of what’s to come at the end of the Super Rugby season?

    Lions coach Johan Ackermann has put together his strongest side available, arguably called their B-team if you consider the amount of stars they have lent to other franchises.

    On the other hand, all indication from the Kings is that they will not take to the field with a full-strength side, but only because they are following medical advice. Some are seeing this as a ploy to have an excuse ready in the event that the Lions thump them.

    Click here for the Kings side announced.

    Beware the monstrous boot of Marnitz Boshoff who has moved back to fullback and seeing that the tactic has proven to be successful, slotting drop-goals from their own half might just become a feature of the Lions side.

    Lions Team

    I am definitely not missing this one!

      1. Hi Pieter, I can almost agree with your statement. The Kings did good to come back after being completely outplayed in the first half. I can only agree on you calling the Lions cubs if you meant that in the sense that they are the Lions minus all their key players that have been lent to other franchises. The Kings had a gutsy second half and I nearly choked when I switched over from the Stormers game and saw the score at 34-31. What are your thoughts on that last Lions try?

      1. Pietie Pietie, wat is jou probleem? Iemand moet jou leer boodskappe tik. Let wel, mens tik op ‘n rekenaar, jy kan nie skryf nie, en om die heeltyd vir jouself te moet lag in elke post (haha), laat dit lyk of jy iemand is wat baie min aandag kry.

        Hoekom julle grootbek spanne altyd begin verskoning maak met sogenaamde B en C of “Vodacom” spanne? Lyk dit nou werklik vir jou of die Lions hul ster spelers beskikbaar gehad vir die wedstryd?

        Klim van jou boring tune af, dis oud, ek gaan so lag wanneer jou spannetjie op sy moer kry!

          1. En jy het ooglopend nie ‘n voet om op te staan nie, grootbek. Ek het nog nie eenmaal gesien dat jy iets verwoord wat sin maak nie. Dis ondersteuners soos jy wat die kak uit ander ordentlike mense irriteer met hul onintellektuele gerammel.

        1. Hoekom doen jy nie wat jou naam voorstel nie…vlieg vark…jy weet waarnatoe…hahahah (nie vir my nie..vir varkie)

  5. Wow, what a battle there is between Pieter and Flying Pig, just a pity it has nothing to do with the Kings prospects in the Super Rugby competition.

    Pieter, I kind of have to share Flying Pig’s sentiments that you never corroborate anything you say.

    Why don’t you settle this and just tell us what you think the Kings will achieve this year, or better yet, tell us who you think is going to take the crown?

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