Super Rugby Fixtures 2017

Super Rugby

Super Rugby fixturesHere are the Super Rugby / Super 18 fixtures for 2017 in full.

The Super Rugby fixtures for 2017 have been released today, with the action kicking off on a Thursday as the Rebels take on the Blues.

Set a reminder for your picks now – that early kick off will catch a lot of people out!

DateMatchKick Off
Kick Off
23-Feb-17Rebels v Blues19:4508:45
24-Feb-17Highlanders v Chiefs19:3506:35
24-Feb-17Reds v Sharks19:0009:00
25-Feb-17Sunwolves v Hurricanes13:1504:15
25-Feb-17Crusaders v Brumbies19:3506:35
25-Feb-17Waratahs v Force19:4508:45
25-Feb-17Cheetahs v Lions15:0513:05
25-Feb-17Southern Kings v Jaguares17:1515:15
25-Feb-17Stormers v Vodacom Bulls19:3017:30
02-Mar-17Force v Reds18:3010:30
03-Mar-17Chiefs v Blues19:3506:35
04-Mar-17Hurricanes v Rebels17:1504:15
04-Mar-17Highlanders v Crusaders19:3506:35
04-Mar-17Brumbies v Sharks19:4508:45
04-Mar-17Sunwloves v Southern Kings18:5510:55
04-Mar-17Lions v Waratahs15:0513:05
04-Mar-17Stormers v Jaguares17:1515:15
04-Mar-17Cheetahs v Vodacom Bulls19:3017:30
10-Mar-17Chiefs v Hurricanes19:3506:35
10-Mar-17Brumbies v Force19:4508:45
10-Mar-17Sharks v Waratahs19:0017:00
11-Mar-17Blues v Highlanders19:3506:35
11-Mar-17Reds v Crusaders18:4508:45
11-Mar-17Cheetahs v Sunwolves17:1515:15
11-Mar-17Southern Kings v Stormers19:3017:30
11-Mar-17Jaguares v Lions16:4019:40
BYES: Vodacom Bulls, Rebels
17-Mar-17Crusaders v Blues19:3506:35
17-Mar-17Rebels v Chiefs19:4508:45
17-Mar-17Vodacom Bulls v Sunwolves19:0017:00
18-Mar-17Hurricanes v Highlanders19:3506:35
18-Mar-17Waratahs v Brumbies19:4508:45
18-Mar-17Lions v Reds17:1515:15
18-Mar-17Sharks v Southern Kings19:3017:30
18-Mar-17Jaguares v Cheetahs16:4019:40
BYES: Force, Stormers
24-Mar-17Crusaders v Force19:3506:35
24-Mar-17Rebels v Waratahs19:4508:45
25-Mar-17Blues v Vodacom Bulls19:3506:35
25-Mar-17Brumbies v Highlanders19:4508:45
25-Mar-17Sunwolves v Stormers18:5510:55
25-Mar-17Southern Kings v Lions15:0513:05
25-Mar-17Cheetahs v Sharks17:1515:15
25-Mar-17Jaguares v Reds18:4021:40
BYES: Chiefs, Hurricanes
ROUND 6 (Daylight Savings finishes in AUS and NZ)
31-Mar-17Highlanders v Rebels19:3506:35
01-Apr-17Blues v Force17:1504:15
01-Apr-17Chiefs v Vodacom Bulls19:3506:35
01-Apr-17Reds v Hurricanes18:4508:45
01-Apr-17Stormers v Cheetahs15:0513:05
01-Apr-17Lions v Sharks17:1515:15
02-Apr-17Waratahs v Crusaders16:0506:05
BYES: Brumbies, Jaguares, Southern Kings, Sunwolves
07-Apr-17Hurricanes v Waratahs19:3507:35
08-Apr-17Sunwolves v Vodacom Bulls14:1505:15
08-Apr-17Highlanders v Blues19:3507:35
08-Apr-17Brumbies v Reds19:4509:45
08-Apr-17Sharks v Jaguares15:0513:05
08-Apr-17Stormers v Chiefs17:1515:15
09-Apr-17Force v Southern Kings14:0506:05
BYES: Cheetahs, Crusaders, Lions, Rebels
ROUND 8 (Easter)
14-Apr-17Crusaders v Sunwolves19:3507:35
15-Apr-17Reds v Southern Kings15:0505:05
15-Apr-17Blues v Hurricanes19:3507:35
15-Apr-17Rebels v Brumbies19:4509:45
15-Apr-17Cheetahs v Chiefs15:0513:05
15-Apr-17Stormers v Lions17:1515:15
15-Apr-17Vodacom Bulls v Jaguares19:3017:30
BYES: Force, Highlanders, Sharks, Waratahs
ROUND 9 (Anzac Day Weekend)
21-Apr-17Hurricanes v Brumbies19:3507:35
21-Apr-17Lions v Jaguares19:0018:00
22-Apr-17Highlanders v Sunwolves17:1505:15
22-Apr-17Crusaders v Stormers19:3507:35
22-Apr-17Waratahs v Southern Kings19:4509:45
22-Apr-17Force v Chiefs19:5511:55
22-Apr-17Vodacom Bulls v Cheetahs17:1515:15
22-Apr-17Sharks v Rebels19:3017:30
BYES: Blues, Reds
28-Apr-17Highlanders v Stormers19:3507:35
29-Apr-17Chiefs v Sunwolves19:3507:35
29-Apr-17Reds v Waratahs19:4509:45
29-Apr-17Force v Lions19:5511:55
29-Apr-17Cheetahs v Crusaders17:1515:15
29-Apr-17Southern Kings v Rebels19:3017:30
29-Apr-17Jaguares v Sharks16:4019:40
30-Apr-17Brumbies v Blues16:0506:05
BYES: Vodacom Bulls, Hurricanes
05-May-17Hurricanes v Stormers19:3507:35
05-May-17Cheetahs v Highlanders19:0017:00
06-May-17Rebels v Lions15:0005:00
06-May-17Chiefs v Reds19:3507:35
06-May-17Waratahs v Blues19:4509:45
06-May-17Sharks v Force15:0513:05
06-May-17Vodacom Bulls v Crusaders17:1515:15
06-May-17Jaguares v Sunwolves18:4021:40
BYES: Brumbies, Southern Kings
12-May-17Blues v Cheetahs19:3507:35
12-May-17Brumbies v Lions19:4509:45
13-May-17Crusaders v Hurricanes19:3507:35
13-May-17Rebels v Reds19:4509:45
13-May-17Vodacom Bulls v Highlanders15:0513:05
13-May-17Southern Kings v Sharks17:1515:15
13-May-17Jaguares v Force18:4021:40
BYES: Cheifs, Stormers, Sunwolves, Waratahs
19-May-17Chiefs v Crusaders19:3507:35
19-May-17Stormers v Blues19:0017:00
20-May-17Hurricanes v Cheetahs19:3507:35
20-May-17Force v Highlanders17:4509:45
20-May-17Sunwolves v Sharks19:5511:55
20-May-17Southern Kings v Brumbies15:0513:05
20-May-17Lions v Vodacom Bulls17:1515:15
21-May-17Waratahs v Rebels16:0506:05
BYES: Jaguares, Reds
26-May-17Blues v Chiefs19:3507:35
26-May-17Reds v Force19:4509:45
27-May-17Sunwolves v Cheetahs14:1505:15
27-May-17Highlanders v Waratahs19:3507:35
27-May-17Rebels v Crusaders19:4509:45
27-May-17Vodacom Bulls v Hurricanes15:0513:05
27-May-17Sharks v Stormers17:1515:15
27-May-17Jaguares v Brumbies18:4021:40
28-May-17Lions v Southern Kings14:3012:30
ROUND 15 (AUS and NZ only)
02-Jun-17Blues v Reds19:3507:35
03-Jun-17Crusaders v Highlanders14:3502:35
03-Jun-17Chiefs v Waratahs17:0505:05
03-Jun-17Brumbies v Rebels19:4509:45
03-Jun-17Force v Hurricanes19:5511:55
ROUND 16 (NZC Only)
09-Jun-17Hurricanes v Chiefs19:3507:35
BYES: Blues, Crusaders, Highlanders
ROUND 15 (SA1 and SA2 only)
30-Jun-17Jaguares v Southern Kings20:0518:05
01-Jul-17Lions v Sunwolves14:3012:30
01-Jul-17Cheetahs v Stormers15:0513:05
01-Jul-17Sharks v Vodacom Bulls17:1515:15
ROUND 16 (AC, SA1 and SA 2 only)
07-Jul-17Reds v Brumbies19:4509:45
07-Jul-17Force v Rebels19:5511:55
08-Jul-17Waratahs v Jaguares19:4507:35
08-Jul-17Vodacom Bulls v Southern Kings17:1515:15
08-Jul-17Stormers v Sunwolves19:3017:30
BYES: Cheetahs, Lions, Sharks
14-Jul-17Highlanders v Reds19:3507:35
14-Jul-17Rebels v Jaguares19:4509:45
14-Jul-17Southern Kings v Cheetahs19:0017:00
15-Jul-17Sunwolves v Blues12:0503:05
15-Jul-17Chiefs v Brumbies17:1505:15
15-Jul-17Hurricanes v Crusaders19:3507:35
15-Jul-17Force v Waratahs19:5511:55
15-Jul-17Sharks v Lions17:1515:15
15-Jul-17Vodacom Bulls v Stormers19:3017:30

Qualifiers: 21-22 July
Semi-finals: 28-29 July
FINAL: 5 August

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