Support your team in the Rugby World Cup

The Rugby Blog is getting behind an initiative to build a community of fans on Facebook around the home nations, and one that isn’t run by a big corporation.

There are currently three pages set up for English, Irish and Welsh supporters – there’s room for a Scottish page to complete the home nations set, so if anyone would like to lead the charge for the Scots, let us know and we can sort it out.

For now though, click ‘Like’ on the relevant box below, then invite your rugby-loving mates to do the same, and we’ll see which page can accumulate the most supporters by the time the Rugby World Cup begins next year.

5 thoughts on “Support your team in the Rugby World Cup

  1. And here I was looking for a Springbok Page… hhmm clicked on i like walkes and scotland but from the list id have to pick England…

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