Taking The Mic: England at Twickenham

England held their annual open training day at Twickenham and the boss and I were invited along as guests of team sponsor, O2.  Click below for the intro…


Once we got pitchside, about 40 of us, a mixture of O2 clients no doubt and maybe a few competition winners, were split into three groups.  I was taken off to the ‘tackle area’ first where we had some contact training – England & Lions’ Tom Croft holding my tackle bag.  Nuts.  We then moved through kicking training with Delon Armitage & Ben Foden and onto speed and agility with Danny Care.  Once we’d had about ten minutes with each group, we were then split into two teams, Blue and Silver and taken onto the Twickenham turf.  Click below for the next bit of madness…


Needless to say, with 20-a-side the game was hardly structured, but as a former scrum-half I was whooping with delight inside when Ben Youngs nodded at me to go through a gap where he rounded his man and put me into space.  I felt like Jonny er.. no, sorry like Charlie um… no, wait – well you know, whoever Johnson’s gonna play at ten next… beats me if I know…

I then went upstairs and managed to grab Lewis Moody, Ben Youngs, Ben Foden & Tom Croft for some interviews.  I joked with Richard Prescott, head media bod at the RFU, that perhaps involving us media folk in a training session was simply to teach us what it’s like to get a good sweat on and then be told you’ve got to sit down in a lounge and talk about what you just did.  Not ideal sometimes I’ll grant them.  Still, we got some good exclusive stuff for The Rugby Blog and if you’ve not heard it already then it’s part of our ‘O2 Rugby Reunion article’ or await our season preview in the Podcast which will be coming along soon enough!

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  1. Will be interesting to see how England get on in their 2011 Six Nations campaign – they’ve got a tough Friday night opener against Wales

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