The greatest day in World Cup history?

England beat Australia, France beat New Zealand – does it get any better? Our antipodean friends are on their way home contemplating another 4 year wait for glory, whilst Northern Hemisphere rugby has bounced back after an inauspicious start to the tournament.

England’s revival of the forward-based power game has left us wondering whether the World Champions might be able to retain the title? A similar performance against France next week could see them in the final, and as yesterday showed, anything can happen in the World Cup.

The best thing about England’s result yesterday is watching the Australians sit down at the table to eat their hats and gorge on humble pie. After all their ‘sledging’ during the build up, saying goodbye to John Connelly’s band of losers is all the sweeter. For the next four years, we will be able to tap an Aussie on the shoulder and say, “Yes Skippy, Andrew Sheridan killed you.”

And seeing New Zealand join them on the trip back down under just adds to the heady mix of euphoria this weekend. England and France are today united in celebration, despite the fact that next weekend they will revert to rugged adversaries to compete for a place in the final.

3 thoughts on “The greatest day in World Cup history?

  1. The ticket exchange has gone mad with people looking to swap or buy tickets for next week’s semis. Maybe if Fiji beat South Africa today, there will be more available!

  2. Well, I’m sure I wasn’t the only one to say that a lot depended on which French team turned up, but who’d have thought they would both turn up?!

    After playing 40 minutes each, the fluent flowing France managed to make up for the shortcomings of the blundering, clueless French in the first half, by the thickness of a goalpost from a Beauxis conversion. How significant that kick turned out to be in the end eh?

  3. And so the All Blacks go home, Graham Henry falls on his sword and the New Zealand nation falls into prolonged grief. What goes around, comes around boys.

    Remember the spear tackle on O’Driscoll in the first 60 seconds of the 1st Lions test in NZ in 2005?

    This is what comes to those who play rugby like that. I’m absolutely delighted NZ choked again.

    Anyone who could risk someone’s life like that does not to deserve to win the Webb Ellis cup ever again.

    As George Gregan succinctly put it in 2003: “Four years, boys,only another four years.”

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