The Rugby Blog Advent Calendar – Day 15

With Julien Dupuy’s hearing due to take place on Thursday of this week, we ask readers to suggest a suitable punishment for his heinous gouging crime.

Answer our poll and let us know what you think. Amusing ‘Other’ suggestions are also welcome…

How should Julien Dupuy be punished?

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6 thoughts on “The Rugby Blog Advent Calendar – Day 15

  1. Encase both his hands in plaster of paris for a month. Imagine not being able to wipe your ass for this time !!

  2. As a travelling fan I think it is ridiculous ERC/Sky/Heineken cannot at least publish when matches will be held This could be either a Friday night, Saturday afternoon or a Sunday instead of leaving it to the last minute
    This will enable supporters to book flights and hotels at economical rates

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