The Rugby Blog Poll: Player of the Six Nations so far

We are over halfway through the Six Nations already, so we’d like to know which players have caught your eye.

With Lions selection on everyone’s mind (apart from the French and Italians perhaps), is there anyone that you think has stood out above everyone else? If you select ‘Other’, make sure you let us know who you are thinking of.

Player of the Six Nations so far?

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7 thoughts on “The Rugby Blog Poll: Player of the Six Nations so far

  1. Imanol Harinordoquy closely followed by Sergio Parisse. The frenchman wins it because as well as his ball-carrying, defensive and lineout abilities, he never forgets to add a bit of flair every now and then.

    For some reason i like him more because he hates England so much – to be a real French rugby player you have to despise England and the English. I think that’s what Thomas Castagniede might have been missing.

  2. Jamie Roberts? BEcause of one good game against a pathetic Scotland team? Ditto Halfpenny, he’s not THAT good.

    Harinordoquy, Dusautoir or O’Driscoll. Mears has been good too and deserves to at least be on that list. Ditto Armitage. What’s Mauro doing there?

  3. Mauro is there because I think someone has been swaying votes with the comedy option – Gavin Henson had way too many votes in the last poll!

    I actually wouldn’t put Mears or Armitage on a longlist, let alone a shortlist but happy to hear your case for their inclusion.

  4. Sorry, off topic. Gatland has just announced the Wlsh team and it has 10 changes, includionig the entire front row. Martyn Williams isn’t even on the bench as he’s being rested.

    I think we can all agree that Wales needed to ring some changes after a damp French performance but Gatland could be throwing away a chance at the title.

    Remember Wales haven’t the best record in Rome and we need to score points, and lots of them to catch up with the Irish points difference. If it’s a fairly close game Wales could be leaving themselves too high a margin to make up against the Irish, espetially if they put a fair few points on the Scots.

    All will be seen a week Saturday, but I think Gatland’s gamble here is unnessisarily putting a shot at the title on the final day at risk. With Ireland +26 if they beat Scotland by say 4 more points than Wales beat Italy, Wales will have to win by 16 on the final day which I can’t see happening. Why take the risk, Wales need points and should have selected as such.

  5. Paynie, good point. Not sure what Gatland’s motivation for the wholesale changes is. He says that he wishes to build a depth of experience, and sees Italy as a soft game, but by doing so he is indeed putting at greater risk the possibility of getting valuable points. With that sort of comment, it would seem that his aim is to build a strong squad for greater purposes than the 6N.

    Or, maybe he knows something that we don’t and is backing a Scottish upset against Ireland…

  6. Dusautoir has to be the outstanding player for me. Outstanding consistent contributions.

    Don’t think anyone else has particularly shone in the tournament. O’Driscoll has been better than during the past few years, but still makes a number of mistakes and lives by his reputation more than anything. Kearney has lived up to his reputation, but hasn’t been as scintillating in attack as many hoped.

    Can we have a poll on the WORST player of last year’s championship? Anyone going to argue against Balshaw??

  7. Justin on Balshaw you will not get many arguments , his selection also saw off Josh Lewsey -now if your in the school yard pick your full back Lewsey or Balshaw not a hard choice !

    O’Driscoll though won the game for Ireland against England with O’Gara in the doldrums so I can’t agree he’s living just by his reputation.

    Dusautoir appeals to me as best player so far if only for the job he did on Wales (masochistic though it may be ). Heaslip impressed against FRance too and has been solid in the other games.Dusautoir gets it though.

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