The Rugby Blog poll: who will win the Heineken Cup?

Let us know which team you think will win the Heineken Cup, and feel free to leave your rationale in the comment form below, particularly if you choose ‘Other’.

Who will win the Heineken Cup?

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9 thoughts on “The Rugby Blog poll: who will win the Heineken Cup?

  1. Considering that ‘Cardiff’ play in the Welsh premiership and not the Heineken Cup I doubt that they can win it! its The Blues who are playing in Europe!

  2. I can’t beleive i’m the first person to vote for wasps! everyone knows how good they are in the second half of the season and they are still in with a chance of qualifying.

  3. Sensational pedantry from you Math. Very relevant. For those of us who don’t like silly franchise names, they’re Cardiff, just as it’s Leicester and Newcastle, not Tigers and Falcons.

    Interesting that there’s only one French team with a realistic chance of winning it, and possibly no other likely to get out of their pool. Think it’s likely to be Toulouse or Munster rather boringly. I think Bath or Quins have the best chance of the English teams and can’t write off Cardiff who have done well in a pretty tough pool.

    Incredibly hard to call at the moment but will probably go with Toulouse as I’m bored of Munster.

  4. Ospreys for me, although I’m bias.

    They could do it and I think they will if they get out their pool. After the challenge of Leicester and Perpignan they’ll be ready for the other big guns after a slow start.

  5. Youm havin a larf if you think Barf’s going to win it. Toulouse probably will, Gloucester should if there were justice.

  6. just voted munster with head but heart says ospreys. Stuart here in wales calling Cardiff,Cardiff and not The Blues likewise scarlets/llanelli is a very sore and contentious issue Some clubs have lost their massive identity by falling on the sword of regionalism, Swansea Neath Bridgend Pontypridd to name a few. To then see certain clubs carrying on with original names while pretending to be regional certainly provokes a negative response in many outside those two “regions” Ie Cardiff blues and Llanelli scarlets. Imagine the west country Warriors (Bath/ Bristol) having to amalgamate playing the Leicseter midlanders Who stood alone while pretending to represent an entire region with Northhampton going to the wall, would not be best pleased i’m sure. Not having a go just trying to explain(badly) The some of the issues involved.

  7. I expect Toulouse to win it but I do fancy Bath as an outside bet. No i’m not a Barf man either. Come on you Warriors

  8. Actually the Math comment re Cardiff /the Blues is more significant than just pedantry to rugby supporters in their region particularly those from Pontypridd and the valleys who one would think they would like to attract to games at their nice new shared stadium (with Cardiff City FC) next season.

    Well as long as they are perceived as Cardiff and their fans keep shouting that at games then the Osprey shirted supporters will continue to outnumber them in their own region except in the capital itself .

    For this reason the Scarlets are just that now no Llanelli in their title anymore although I expect SKY to wake up to this in about ten years.

    keithr not a bad stab at it you know !

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