The Rugby Blog presents the Alternative RWC Awards

Now the official presentation is done and dusted, it’s time to look at some lesser known awards with your hosts; Stuart Peel, Justin Aylward, and James Hutchison:

RAC Award for “Assistance at the Breakdown” – Bryce Lawrence

Emile Heskey Award for “Barn Door Preservation” – Jonny Wilkinson

Tom Daley Diving Award – Heinrich Brüssouw (Runner-up: Manu Tuilagi)

Curtly Ambrose Award for “Longest Run Up Before Delivery” – Ben Youngs

Delia Smith Award for “Over Egging the Pudding” – Eliota Fuimano-Sapolu

Richard Branson Award for Best Publicity Stunt – Opro (can anyone name any other mouthguard manufacturers?)

OJ Simpson Award for Biggest Miscarriage of Justice – Sam Warburton

Dame Edna Everage Award for biggest Prima Donna – Quade Cooper

“D-Day Landings Award” for saving the French from Total Destruction – Alain Rolland

Prince Philip “Did He Really Just Say That Award?” – Marc Lièvremont

Snapped Banjo Award for most untimely injury – Dan Carter

Che Guevara Freedom Fighter Award – Eliota Fuimaono-Sapolu

“Should have gone to Specsavers Award” for focussing on the wrong things – British Press

Titanic Award for sinking ship – The RFU

Sun seeker Motorboating Award – Who do you think?

Chesney Hawkes One Hit Wonder – Piri Weepu

Captain Cook Award for Best Tourists – Argentina fans

Club 18-30 Award for Least Popular Tourists – The England team

Bill Shankly “Loss of Perspective” Award – the whole of New Zealand

Cyclops Award – The NZ press

Big Brother “15 Minutes of Fame” Award – Colin…er…Slade was it ?

Piers Morgan “Unjustified Arrogance” Award – The Qantas Wallabies

11 thoughts on “The Rugby Blog presents the Alternative RWC Awards

  1. Bit harsh some of these but made me chuckle.

    The Heskey award should go to the makers of the ball – it wasn’t only Wilko who struggled.

    The OJ Simpson award should go to the French team!

    The diving award should go to Manu Tuilagi surely – or was it meant to be on the pitch?

    1. Although thinking about it if the French had won, the award would have had to have gone to the AB’s!

      Glad to see you’ve added manu in – he’s the only englishman who deserved an award (based on his rugby!)

  2. Agreed with staggy regarding France! Did people not see the Kaino incident! (Neither did the ref and he was stood right in front of it!)

    Diving, on pitch Vincent Clerc. Forget the card, he made a meal of that incident, and fell about the pitch through numerous games as if he was Cristiano Ronaldo

    1. I ran into some Welsh fans at Eden Park who ruefully remarked “we lost it in Wellington” – they said they’d been to Cardiff for internationals many times but Wellington topped them all. Excellent.

  3. The Baldrick “Cunning Plan” Award; Joint winners: Australia against the All Blacks and Ireland against Wales.

    The Seabiscuit unlikely story of sporting redemption Award: Stephen “Beaver” Donald (special mention to Steve Walsh)

    The George Custer “Where the f**k did they all come from?” Award: the 50,000 Irish fans who appeared at Eden Park against Australia. I was there and the Aussie fans were shocked to find themselves so outnumbered. Afterwards I saw plenty with 1000 yard stares complaining bitterly about not getting support from their Kiwi bretheren.

    The “This isn’t what it says on the package” Award; Fiji

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