The Rugby Blog Six Nations Podcast: Episode 5

As we enter the final round of matches for this year’s RBS 6 Nations, Nick Heath is back in the England camp as the try and talk themselves up against the tournament favourites France.  Featuring Nick Easter, Chris Ashton and Martin Johnson. 


4 thoughts on “The Rugby Blog Six Nations Podcast: Episode 5

  1. MJ seemed to be struggling to justify the changes with any real conviction. I was beginning to feel sorry for him. I cannot see this side beating a dynamic french side on Saturday. Good podcast though.
    Rooting for Glos. on Sunday.

  2. It looks like Johnson has finally been forced to pick the best players by circumstance.
    As a Taff I hope he will stay in charge for England and revert to picking “tried and tested” next season.
    I think Ashton and Foden may make him keep them in though.

  3. Have to agree with the other contributors.
    This podcast has consistently contained the best commentary on the Six Nations this season.
    I like the credibility that is given to ordinary punters and enjoy the input of the players.
    The humour helps too.
    Well done Mr Heath!

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