The Sam Vesty early celebration that could send Newcastle down

He received the damning accolade of being our Villain of the week, and here is why.

Sam Vesty’s early celebration not only cost Bath a try bonus point, but more importantly meant that Wasps finished with 7 points, earning a crucial losing bonus point which puts them four points ahead of relegation rivals Newcastle in the table.

The logistics aside, he just looks like an idiot! Is this a lesson for all players?

15 thoughts on “The Sam Vesty early celebration that could send Newcastle down

  1. Would hope other players take note but Kitchener celebrating early in last year’s Championship semi final and almost blowing promotion for Worcs, for example, shows that some will do it whatever the situation. Bit like Leon Lett in a Superbowl etc..

  2. idiotic showboating, Leicester are well shot of him.Newcastle Falcons probably wish to comment further

  3. More to the point. What was he celebrating to such an extent for? Well done for beating Wasps in a game that makes no difference to your appalling season.

  4. Saracens are in the play offs. Just shows you can get to the knockout stages playing boring rugby. In fact, I wouldnt even call it boring rugby, on friday they simply didnt let any rugby be played. I can’t see Farrell keeping that ten shirt. He’s like a knife brought to a gun fight when it comes to attack. Floods our best option.

    1. So frustrating, on the rare occaisions they decide to play they match anyone, some great players. I just can’t comprehend how you can be one of the most creative and innovative clubs off the pitch and then decide to be the least imaginative on it. Hopefully they won’t retain their title this year and this will be a catalyst to rethink the game plan a bit.

    2. Agree with all the points. But i think certain aspects of their mentality were successfully transfered to the England side (kick chase, disciplined aggression in D) and that did add value. I think England need to blend the best of Quins/Leicester and Sarries.

      1. If we go to SA with an aim to stifle their attack with kick chase, we’ll get torn apart by Habana, Aplon, Mvovo. They’re all top class counter attackers. If we tried to play the same game plan against Australia then Beale, Cooper, O’Connor and Ioane would have a field day. This plan is working where Sarries and England can bully opposition packs (it looked tremendous against Ireland) but we’re not always going to have the superiority up front and we’ll come up against a red hot counter attacking back three.

  5. Yes, Vesty was acting a tit, but that is one phenomenal tackle by Varndell. I think he deserves the praise here, putting his body on the line (check his head position as they flip over together), rather than Vesty getting so much piss-taking (deserved as that may be). The showboating didn’t actually slow Vesty down that much and I reckon Varndell would have shackled him anyway.

    Varndell has shown real mettle here in not giving up, as well as strength and great technique in the tackle. I really think the commentary going on at the moment should focus more on the positive side of his giving everything to his team’s cause and doing everything he could to help keep his side in the Premiership.

  6. I think the most important point here is that, even by his standards, Bob Symond’s commentary was appalling. I now turn the sound off when he’s on.

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