Jamie Hosie
Current editor of The Rugby Blog having started writing for the site during the 2012/2013 season, Jamie was raised in Leicestershire and is a fierce Tigers fan, but really isn’t biased when writing about the Premiership (honest). When it comes to international matters things are a little less black-and-white, with a Scottish father making sure he never forgets where his allegiances should lie. Still, having been present at HQ for the epic win over New Zealand in November, and having 25% English blood, he will support England in all games except those against Scotland. Can be found @jhosie43 on Twitter.

James Hutchison
Hutch set up The Rugby Blog in June 2007 dreaming of being a rugby journalist, but without really expecting the site to go anywhere. Being half English and half Irish has its benefits as a rugby supporter – he proudly celebrated in Sydney in 2003, but was just as loud when Ireland won the Six Nations Grand Slam in 2009. Hutch now works as Commercial Director on SuperBru when he’s not watching rugby or playing golf. Follow @Hutch_James on Twitter.

Alex Shaw
A fan of all sports of the oval balled variety, Alex is a London Wasps & England fan, but also harbours a soft spot for Munster & Ireland, thanks to family ties in Cork. Currently suffering through an unaccustomed trophy drought on the domestic front, Alex an often be found huddled in a corner muttering words that sound suspiciously like ‘Dallaglio’, ‘Worsley’ and ‘Lewsey’. @alexshawsport on Twitter.

David Blair
Belfast born and brought up on the terrace at Ravenhill, Dave can thank his Ulster supporting father for his rugby allegiances. An Ulsterman through and through, but will support any of the Irish provinces when Ulster aren’t involved. Now finally coming to terms with the harsh realisation that he’ll never fulfil his childhood dreams in the white and red of Ulster, Dave is currently taking a Masters in Broadcasting while contributing to various rugby blogs in a desperate (by his own admission) attempt to earn a living within the game. If the journalism doesn’t work out, he can’t rule out refereeing! Tweets under the alias @viscount_dave

Stuart Peel
According to Stu, he probably could have been a professional rugby player, but chose to go down the accountancy route instead. Our resident statto now plays for London Scottish and when he’s not counting beans, loves to rant about sport to anyone within earshot. Despite being told that nobody reads internet articles if they are more than 500 words, he still loves to crack out a 1200-word whinge and they always go down well with a cup of tea in the office. Follow @peelshow

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