VIDEO: The Very Best of Jonny Wilkinson

Jonny Wilkinson

Following the news that Jonny Wilkinson has announced his retirement from international rugby, we at The Rugby Blog have looked through the archives to find five of his best bits in an England jersey. Enjoy.

1. England v Australia – 2003 Rugby World Cup Final

2. England v New Zealand – 2002

3. England v France – 2000

4. England v Scotland – 2007

5. England v Ireland – 2003

And finally here is an advert for Adidas where Jonny Wilkinson and David Beckham give each other a kicking clinic…

by Rachel Simmonite

14 thoughts on “VIDEO: The Very Best of Jonny Wilkinson

  1. I love clip 2.

    Not only a brilliant try but you also get to see what England missed out on with JSD’s amazingly long run of injuries

    And, above all, if you look carefully at the start, you will be shocked and suprised to see a young Mike Tindall passing the ball to another player without it going 5 ft over his head, forward or 4 ft behind him…..

  2. Incredible player. Became a little vain towards the end but still, we may not see his like again. There’s a number of greats leaving us. Mattfield is gone too.

    1. & his right foot was unbelievably in-touch for the try against Scotland. His foot was rubbing against the grass on the wrong side of the line.

      BUT legend!

        1. David Beckham – guilty by association. Also he wrote a book called ‘Tackling Life’ and another one called ‘My World’ What’s next? Mein Kampf?

  3. Will be sadly missed, glad he retired though as he gets to goout on his terms, as i feel he wouldnt have been picked again – Tindall r u watching?

    How many of those tackles would he have been sent off these days!

    1. “How many of those tackles would he have been sent off these days!”

      That’s not the point. Johnny was a class tackler and a very fair one. If you could label some of his tackles as spear tackles, they were delivered with care and weren’t the reason why those tackles are banned now. Not like the thuggery that followed with the likes of the piece of shit we know as Tana Umaga – who should be flogged in a Saudi prison.

      1. I think you completely misunderstood my point – nothing wrong with his tackles, just that in this day and age a tackle like the one against Ireland would probably result in a red card, a fact that i was lamenting

  4. Jesus – just watching the clip against New Zealand. There was everything, good clearance, line breaks, fast play, options for ball carriers, counter rucking…


      1. Actually, rugby, like everything else in this world, has been on the downward generally since the 1990’s imo. The 1999 rugby world cup was the pinnacle of rugby playing quality.

  5. Hello,

    Does anyone know where i can get the first picture of this page of Jonny Wilkinson in a better quality?

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