The Very Best of Shane Williams

Ahead of his final appearance for his country tomorrow against Australia, we’ve gone back through his career in a Welsh shirt, and picked out 5 of his greatest tries for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

1. Wales v France – 2010

2. Wales v Australia – 2009

3. Wales v Fiji – 2007

4. Wales v Argentina – 2008

5. South Africa v Wales – 2008

And here’s an interesting video with Dove Men featuring Shane talking to Will Greenwood about retirement:

12 thoughts on “The Very Best of Shane Williams

  1. Fantastic. Just an awesome player. Hope he gets a successful finale tomorrow.

    As an aside – and sorry being a miserable bastard – how come no-one gets upset when Shane Williams does a massive swan dive (#3) or does a showboating gesture before dotting the ball down (#4 here and I remember one against SA also).

    1. Wingers and showboating goes hand in hand! Mortlock swan-dived his way through the early noughties and Digby Ioane has danced behind many a goal post.

      A celebration in good spirit adds to the occasion. But some people just can’t carry it off as well as others.

      Perhaps the key is knowing when to do it. i.e. not every-single-bloody-time you cross the try line.

    2. Probably because Shane Williams has earned the right to do it! He’s a great player and one who has continually shown willingness to improve himself and add great knowhow to his natural ability. It’s different from some guy who’s only been at the top level a short time swandiving when he scores tries against the likes of Romania!

      1. To be fair the most amusing bit of watching Ashton swan dive was the reaction on Johnno’s face!! I think that after the first rollicking, Ashton just did it to wind up Johnno in that rebellious youth sort of way and it has sort of become his calling card now. Not sure I completely agree with it but it does make a spectacle!

  2. Acceleration, balance and deceptive strength – all on show. A winning combination. A player you’d always pay to watch (although maybe not against your own team!!).

  3. lol, whenever I see Will Greenwood, I can’t help think, he’s paid to come across as the big brother type when he interviews the likes of O’Driscoll and Williams. As if they’re saying, “you show him who’s the best..” They’re all different

  4. That try against SA … we’ll never see the like of that again. He had no business scoring that. I’ve watched it time and time again and I still fail to anticipate what exactly he is going to do once he steps inside. The SA players fall over, he does some mind bending swerve and he’s gone. I could watch that move forever. It sums Shane up. It’ll be sad no longer seeing him light up a pitch. I hope the next gen can at least bring us some thrills, but I suspect they’ll never quite match Shane’s ability to put a massive grin on my face.

  5. A class act, I have always enjoyed watching Shane, and wish hime all the best. The try against SA was quality

  6. He enjoyed a fairytale ending to his international career with that try.

    No less than what he deserved for his services to Welsh rugby!

  7. Well we are certainly an emotional bunch down our way but on Saturday it was well deserved for once , not a dry eye in the house at the end (including yours truly )with Shane and his kids taking a lap of honour .

    The general consensus in the crowd was that Shane is a one off and his like will not be seen again , the good news is he is still around for a bit for the Ospreys including his next up game at Wembley against Sarcens , not bad for “retirement ” !

    1. This is something that definitely sets the English and Welsh apart – emotion! I’ve got a Welsh mate who will tell you unashamedly that he cries during a stirring rendition of bread of heaven at the Millenium stadium, but if one of my english mates did this during Swing Low, they’d be forever castigated. Is it the celtic blood or just cultural upbringing ie. fixed upper lip? Is this what sometimes makes a team play above themselves and sometimes self destruct – there’s another interesting blog suggestion if there are any psychologists out there!

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