Thrilling climax as Leicester reach the final after penalty shootout

The second Heineken Cup semi-final has just seen a penalty shootout to decide the winner and the team that will face Leinster in the final in Edinburgh.

Leicester had been leading by 26 points to 12, but two tries in as many minutes brought the scores level. Twenty minutes of agonising extra time ensued, but still the sides could not be separated.

It was the first time I’d ever seen a game decided by such means, and it was agonising. Hearts were in mouths, bums on the edges of seats and nobody knew quite what to make of it. The only certainty was that the game would end in misery for one side, and one individual in particular.

When Martyn Williams shanked his kick to the left of the uprights, everyone felt for him, but when Jordan Crane slotted the winning goal, the game finally ended and the Tigers went through.

Unbelievable scenes and an incredible occasion. What did you make of the game and the shootout?

5 thoughts on “Thrilling climax as Leicester reach the final after penalty shootout

  1. The tigers are probably the strongest team in Britain, mentally. After Blues pulled it back in 5 minutes I thought the heartbreak and regret would be to much for the men in green but they showed again how strong they are and totally dominated extra time; for this and this alone they deserve to win a game decided in somewhat farcical circumstances.

    However I thought Murphy’s yellow was harsh, he went for the tackle and his arm hit the ball, not intentional.

    Dupey is the man, when he is on the tigers look dangerous, he is a lesson to all scrumhalves, hopefully Ellis, how to get the ball out quick, with mauger back to fitness in the final Tigers are looking strong.

    Cardiff played their hearts out and they have a lot of talent in that team, they will be back next year.

    As for the Lions, Jamie Roberts earned his spot in the XV, 1/2 penny showed his attacking and kicking ability but I feel his defense was poor on several occasions, for the lions defense comes first. Croft is not as good as the adoration thrown upon him by Stewart Barnes but he is still an amazing player and was unlucky to miss out,he is just not what they are looking for tactically, fair enough. Jenkins was immense apart from the cardiff scrum being annihilated but I don’t think that was his fault.

    The most disappointed man was Martyn Williams, apart from the penalty miss, The Tigers controlled the breakdown and that is his area of expertise, he needs something special to make the test team, still lok like an all Irish backrow.

  2. Having been curious ,like most people , to see a rugby penalty shoot-out again like most people I didn’t like it and I didn’t like it when it looked like the Welsh side was about to win it either . This seems to be the players and coaches views too.

    So how to resolve this in future , playing on until one side scores is probably impracticable on many levels . In the spirit of cutting down the cynicism in the game and encouraging positive play how about the side with the most red/yellow cards (one red equals two yellow) losing out or failing cards the side that has given away the most penalties .Just a thought.

    On the game Leicester certainly did a number on the Blues line-out and never was a player missed as much as Paul Tito .Strangely though overall the Blues had more try scoring chances but just didn’t get the last pass in or more particularly Leicester were coached very well to obstruct the same in the tackle usually legally by pulling the ball backwards but in Murphy’s case he got it wrong and deserved his card.

    On the basics though Leicester were good for the win but the result was achieved in the wrong fashion.

    The Blues fans booing the kicks was downright embarrassing to be frank as was Jordan Crane’s fake yawn after kicking the winning penalty he played football before converting to rugby by all accounts well he showed it there to be honest unlike the actions of his team-mates following the win which were exemplary.

  3. murphys yellow was 100% right, it was a professional foul and thats exactly what yellows are meant to be given for, I felt on the other hand Newby was just unlucky supposedly handling at the breakdown when I thought the ball was out, still thats done now.
    Im a little unsure how you obstruct a pass by pulling the ball back? thats a new one!
    As for Jordan Cranes fake yawn thats exactly what those borish Blues fans deserved for their disgraceful and non-rugby booing and cat-calling! In effect he was saying “you tried to put me off but you couldnt it was as easy and no problem at all!”
    turns out the nugget is nothing more than iron pyrites! he got hammered as did the whole of the blues forwards! the bokke are probably desperate he gets picked for the tests!

  4. TigerGuy I was not suggesting some unusual gymnastics, as they made the tackle they got their hand on the ball before the offload could be made hence stopping the pass ie “didn’t get the last pass in ” as stated. Sometimes this was judged to be a knock on too which was useful .A great skill well coached as mentioned.

    On Crane I’m not on my own on his reaction but I’m sure he’s not too bothered.Similarily I doubt Martyn Williams is losing too much sleep over your assessment either .On the booing I agree.

    No comments on the suggested yellow/card -penalties punish cynicism decider , it would seem that a Leicester fan would have some views on that one ……….

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