Tom Palmer: ‘I have to whack Hendre with pillows’

Tom Palmer has been one of England’s best performers in recent outings, and he spoke to Nick Heath at Pennyhill Park this week.

Watch the interview below, and find out what he thinks about playing for England, preparing for Italy and why Dave Attwood is a better roommate than Hendre Fourie.


What do you make of Palmer’s recent performances for England?

5 thoughts on “Tom Palmer: ‘I have to whack Hendre with pillows’

  1. Nick, im intrigued as to how do you arrange to go and see these guys?
    how easily could i rock up to spennyhill for a cuppa with MJ or Mark Cueto?

  2. Erm, you could rock up to Pennyhill, have a cuppa in their residents lounge and probably walk past some of these chaps (!) but unless you are a recognised, accredited journo and have a relationship with the media dept at the RFU then you wont get access to anyone!

  3. In only joking really.
    In your honest opinion, does Chris ashton have the best chat?
    he seems like an extremely funny bloke!

  4. Hutch, im on the way there now, with my The Rugby Blog hat on.

    Palmer get the Hugh Grant award for extreme floppy hair!

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