Tom Wood to make England debut in Cardiff

Although the England team won’t officially be named until 12pm today, there will apparently be three changes from the autumn.

Northampton flanker Tom Wood will make his debut on the openside, in place of injured captain Lewis Moody, James Haskell will start on the blindside instead of Tom Croft and Louis Deacon takes Courtney Lawes’ position in the second row alongisde Tom Palmer.

It also looks as though Mike Tindall will be appointed captain ahead of Nick Easter. Here’s how the England side is likely to look:

1. Sheridan
2. Hartley
3. Cole
4. Deacon
5. Palmer
6. Haskell
7. Wood
8. Easter

9. Youngs
10. Flood
11. Cueto
12. Hape
13. Tindall
14. Ashton
15. Foden

We’ll have confirmation of this line-up, and the replacements bench, as soon as it’s announced at 12pm.

UPDATE: The team is up now here (it’s the same!)

18 thoughts on “Tom Wood to make England debut in Cardiff

  1. Wood would be a progressive step. I actually think Deacon would do a decent job but not picking Shawsy after his display against Toulouse would be a travesty.

  2. I want Tuilagi to play, not Tindall
    I want Tuilagi to play, not Tindall
    I want Tuilagi to play, not Tindall
    I want Tuilagi to play, not Tindall
    I want Tuilagi to play, not Tindall
    I want Tuilagi to play, not Tindall
    I want Tuilagi to play, not Tindall
    I want Tuilagi to play, not Tindall

    Think i’ve made my point…..Oh hang on, i forgot how much i want Simpson-Daniel to play too!

  3. Phil Dowson?
    As good as we can get with injuries!
    Subject for a different post, Hutch, why do ‘they’ sometimes count from 15 – 9, and then 1-8, or even 15-1, or 1-15.
    It’s not a problem, it’s just weird.

  4. If thats the team, then ok. Back row of Haskell, Wood and Easter is quite balanced i think, though i would have gone with Dowson, Wood and Easter. Only one i strongly object to is Deacon – would have liked to have seen skivington given a chance, or Shawsy reinstated.

    Not a fan of Tindall’s either, but i can understand Johnno wanting to keep the back unit the same as they have shown they can produce.

    Will also be interesting to see who makes the bench!

    When is the Welsh team announced?

  5. The Welsh team is out at 12 as well apparently, and we’ll get that up too. I’m surprised Deacon is even back in contention, let alone in the starting side…maybe they are keeping Shawsy for impact later on.

    As for counting down then up, or up then down on a teamsheet…no idea. Which do you prefer? We tend to mix it up a bit on here…crazy!

  6. I know Johnno loves the Leicester boys, but if he picks Deacon, he is picking the wrong Leicester boy. Skivington has been great this year, and IMO i can’t understand how Deacon is actually back in contention when we do have other options? Only thing i can think is that Johnno wants experience – but if thats the case then why isn’t he going for Shawsy?

  7. I suspect it’s a lineout thing with Deacon. He is supposed to be a great lineout leader, which could be important without Croft and Lawes.

  8. Personally don’t think he is, but ok lol. The thing that worries me about Deacon’s involvement is that he walks around the pitch instead of running. This means one of two things: 1. the other 7 forwards are going to have to play out of their skin to make up for it, or 2: we are going to secure less quick ball and as a result our backs will not be given a chance

  9. Hutch is spot on re lineout and deacon.

    Wood is very good in lineout so like most others on here i would have gone for Skivington.

    So glad to see Wood in there, he is the modern back row forward.

    Dont get me started on Haskell….no rugby brain.Dowson, leader with a rugby brain. how can you chose Haskell over Dowson!

    Did anyone see Twelvetrees and Tuilagi play for the saxons? I did and although the oppo was limited, we could have our answer for Englands future 12/13…..

    did anyone see Narraway play as well? did a v good job.

    Hes getting close to the england squad, according to stuart barnes , who is also a fan.

  10. Yes, I watched the Saxons game with interest. Sinbad had a good second half, but was fairly quiet early on.

    Not convinced by Twelvetrees just yet, although he does have an almighty boot. If he’s playing well at Leicester with Manu, then get them both in after RWC.

    Every time Narraway got the ball I thought of you, Jimmy. He played pretty well, he’s quite quick, but tried a few flashy passes and lost the ball – Johnno hates that sort of thing!

  11. Hutch – narrway is finding favour with most commentators, barnsey of late and more recently Paul Ackford ”

    There is no doubt that he is back to top form….. Luke Narraway, fast emerging as a No 8 with the skill set to put pressure on Nick Easter. They’re different beasts those two. Easter is more of a banger, but if Martin Johnson wants greater range then Narraway is capable of providing that.

    hear hear!

    I thought !2 trees played some lovely long and short balls as well as having a huge boot and making yards carrying.

    whats not to like!

  12. ps i think ive become a bit ranty, i apologise, im just over excited about friday and rugby in general, all of the time actually.

  13. Nothing wrong with a rant, Jimmy and we like a bit of excitement about rugby. However, I think you, Barnes and Ackford might be ranting up the wrong tree with ‘Luke Narroway in hell he’ll get selected’.

    Easter, Dowson, Haskell ahead of him probably…

  14. He wont get selected this 6 nations obviously but easter is 33 (i think) and after the world cup, hell be for the nackers yard.Narraway will step in.

    I think people will see how average haskell is this 6 nations against the better sides…

  15. Great that Tom Wood has been selected. From a young lad his destiny was clear. He stood out in some very good age groupo teams at school and club. Well done Tom!

  16. Finally Wood is getting his opportunity, shame Dowson didn’t get the call. Quite a nice team even with injuries, think this weeks game should be a good one.

    Why on earth is Deacon starting?!?!?!?
    So many talented second rows and he got picked, i suppose he has experiance on the other hand.
    I dont think Haskell’s choice was a bad one. People argue he has no rugby brain, but when he can, he offloads, and his overall came is solid. I hope he has matured a bit since his last six nations foray.

    Those who saw the saxons game, what about Robshaw, great game, showed leadership and played well, does he deserve an opportunity??

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