Two home wins and England beat France in Paris…again

England beat the French 24-13 at the Stade de France last night, amid scenes reminiscent of the semi-final triumph in October.

I was reminded of that old cliche about which French team will turn up, but last night no team turned up at all. England dominated throughout, with the front five looking much more effective and generating quick ball for the backs.

Let’s not get too excited though – England still aren’t that great, and if Balshaw is picked against Scotland, I might start following a different sport. I’ve seen tighthead props more comfortable under the high ball.

The result means that Wales are the only team still chasing a Grand Slam after their impressive performance against Wales, whilst Ireland scored 5 tries to beat Scotland 34-13.

We’ll feature some analysis of the games on here during the week, but let us know your thoughts. Are England back on track? Will Wales win the Grand Slam? Should Scotland be relegated to a competition where they might win a game – like the U13B National Trophy?!

2 thoughts on “Two home wins and England beat France in Paris…again

  1. “Should Scotland be relegated to a competition where they might win a game ”

    Yes, for now. Bring in Argentina (and probably Georgia, Romania, Portugal) and make the 6 Nations into two 5 Nations divisons with relegation/promotion each year. The current 6 nations B tournament should continue on a two year basis, with bi-annual promotion to the new 5 Nations B.

    This would not only give real impetus for nations like Scotland to get thier act together instead of plodding along happy to upset someone from time to time, but also give real incentive for the newer nations to continue to improve, and reward the criminally-treated Argentina for their years of passionate support of rubgy.

  2. A bad weekend to be wearing a blue shirt – be it blue, bleu or azzurri! Most pleasing thing about England is just to see a bit of their ability to close out tight games starting to come back, not to mention sustaining a decent level of performance for the full 80. We don’t look like world-beaters yet, but a step in the right direction and a good performance in the context of recent games.

    Least pleasing thing? Balshaw. No change there then. We’re still in a catch 22 with the backline – no confidence to spread it wide, but won’t get the confidence until we do! We got much more territory this week and sucked defenders in but just kept playing a narrow game. Let’s hope we have the territory at Murrayfield but get it out wide. We have to be bold up there, even if the Jocks have finally found out where the try line is!

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