Two yellow cards does equal Red

The incident in Saturday’s Tri-Nations match in which Drew Mitchell was sent off for two cautionable offences had us reaching for the rule book.

There was some confusion over whether two yellow cards for different infringements meant that a red card had to be shown, but diligent research by The Rugby Blog team (a glance at the IRB law book was enough) has confirmed that Craig Joubert was spot in with his decision.

Here is the relevant extract from the rulebook:

(a) Any player who infringes any part of the Foul Play Law must be admonished, or cautioned
and temporarily suspended for a period of ten minutes’ playing time, or sent-off.
(b) A player who has been cautioned and temporarily suspended who then commits a second
cautionable offence within the Foul Play Law must be sent-off.

Unfortunately for the Wallabies, it’s still debatable as to whether either offence was worthy of a yellow card. The first was for a late, no-armed tackle on Richie McCaw which wasn’t picked up that clearly by the TV cameras, and the second was unlucky – Mitchell was the last player to be caught slowing the ball down after several team warnings.

Here’s a clip courtesy of our friends at RugbyDump:


There is also a very useful addition to the lawbook that states, just for the avoidance of doubt:

A player who is sent-off takes no further part in the match.

13 thoughts on “Two yellow cards does equal Red

  1. I know they’re edited highights so we didn’t see everything but I saw no eivdence of Rocky Elsom communicating to his tem any of the warnings which had been issued by the referee. I may be wronging him here but if that is the case then he has to take his share of the blame for the dismissal. With his stroppiness, including getting marched back 10 and the tone he took with the referee, he showed something of a lack of leadership qualities.

  2. I also like Elsom’s attempt at an argument on the 2nd yellow: “ahh ref, you never said that the slowing of play would apply to throw-ins as well as penalties”!!

    I haven’t watched many of the southern hemisphere teams’ games recently, but there seems to be growing grumbles of McCaw and the Blacks getting away with injustices and foul play, whilst anyone who touches Saint Ritchie is penalised (I have to say from the clip that Mitchell’s first yellow looked innocuous). Is that true, or are people just having a whinge as the AB’s are so far ahead of anyone else, or even just better at playing the referee well (i.e. clever cheating)?

    On a separate note, I’m loving the peaking of the AB’s, just in time for all the pre-RWC hype, careering straight to the top of their game…and to the top of that slippery slope to chokesville. They’d better all have jets standing by to escort them out of national waters if they fail to secure RWC’11!

  3. Well said, Justin

    Whatever team you may support doesn’t seem to be doing anything great of late, as you seem more interested in dismissing other teams chances, come the RWC time.

    I wonder what do you do for three years and 11 months when there’s no World Cup.

    On a separate note, how long was since your team defeated a SH side?

  4. England were denied the opportunity to beat them at the last two World Cups because the All Blacks were knocked out before they met.

    But let’s not get into New Zealand’s abysmal World Cup record, and England’s hopeless form since 2003.

  5. NZ record in the WC can be labelled as “abysmal” only when compared to NZ record outside the WC.

    However, I still don’t get the point behind Justin’s love for “early peaks”

  6. Sesenta, it may not surprise you that I’m an England fan. Despite this, I could be a fan of any other nation in the world and still find it amusing that the AB’s consistently dominate the years between world cups, take the game to higher levels than anyone previously, demolish each and every opposition…yet still have failed to secure the ultimate prize in 5 world cups since. In every world cup year I can remember, they seem to forget the trust and patterns that they’ve built up and each time someone raises their game and the AB’s don’t respond as they have done for the past 3 seasons.

    As a rugby fan, I find it somewhat distressing that the best team in world rugby consistently fails to secure the world cup.

    As a non-Kiwi, I find it amusing to watch the same pattern repeat itself.

  7. Which is pretty different to actually loving it.

    I never said I loved the way England has struggled since 2003. I never will.

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