Ugo Monye: Injury Update

News from the England camp has confirmed that Ugo Monye has not sustained any permanent damage to his neck after being stretchered off in today’s game.

The game was stopped for some time whilst Monye was cared for, but no doubt that everyone is thankful that he is back in the care of the England medical team without any surgery required.

After such an injury, surely he can’t play next week. Time to bring in Chris Ashton perhaps?

4 thoughts on “Ugo Monye: Injury Update

  1. Chris Ashton???? what about the other 14!!!!!!!!
    I play in the lowly divisions in the midlands and I reckon we could give the french a better game going on what the English have produced so far!!!!!

  2. Our entire back row needs changing. They’re slow, cumbersome, lack skill and do not understand what modern back row combinations should do. They need to look at the balance that Heaslip, Wallace and Ferris give Ireland. They are world class both individually and together.

  3. James,

    Bang on mate. I think the major thing that our back row lacks is balance. We have 3 big lumps in the team and it just doesn’t work. Think it was SCW who said the most important position in rugby is back row. Look at the Irish, the French, Saffers and Kiwis and they all have a perfectly balanced back row.

    Would look at the following team for France… but it is wishful thinking!

    1. Payne
    2. Hartley
    3. Cole
    4. Borthwick (only because MJ will not drop him)
    5. Lawes
    6. Moody
    7. Armitage (a real scrapper)
    8. Dowson (good link man)
    9. Care
    10. Wilko (same as Borthwick… MJ won’t drop him)
    11. Ashton (good excuse to replace Monye, although of course I wish him well and glad it is not serious)
    12. Flutey (Lack of other options but think he has been rushed back)
    13. Tait
    14. Cueto
    15. Foden (How can he not start after completely changing the game when he came on?)

  4. NO -we need him for the LV Final in fact we could do with all the lads but i guess Englands need is greater at this moment.
    Unless MJ looks hard at every selection wether they are part of the OLD Guard or not and judge them on thier performance so far England will continue to play like idiots. Saturdays game was a clear indication that the old guard need to prove they are good enough to warrent their places over the up and coming youngsters now gracing the premiership.

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