Value for money in the Guinness Premiership

An interesting new study by some accountants has identified which Premiership clubs offer value to money to people that watch their games.

They have come up with some equation to give a score in points that takes into account the value of players on show (taken from a fantasy rugby game, so indisputable) with the amount they charge for match tickets.

The full table is below, with Wasps on top and Worcester at the bottom – in fact, it wouldn’t be a huge suprise if the table finished in this order!


One thought on “Value for money in the Guinness Premiership

  1. Interesting! Well, compared to most conversations with accountants it is anyway.

    I wonder if they factored in all of the weeks that the players “on show” actually weren’t due to international duty. It’s hard to imagine Wasps being so far ahead if they did.

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