VIDEO: Alesana Tuilagi’s hit on Mark van Gisbergen

Both Alesana and Manu demonstrated their power in Leicester’s 21-12 victory over Wasps on Saturday, but Alesana’s hit on Mark van Gisbergen was enough to make you wince.

It’s always worse when the tackled player doesn’t see it coming, and that was the case late in the game at Welford Road.


5 thoughts on “VIDEO: Alesana Tuilagi’s hit on Mark van Gisbergen

  1. Boom. To be fair, even if he hadn’t made the hit Van Gisbergen would have found some way to mess it up. His continued presence in the Wasps team is one of the great mysteries of modern times.

  2. Are we supposed to be impressed? Tuilagi is twice his size, it looked like a barge not a tackle (you need your arms to make a tackle) and Van Gisbergen was straight back on his feet!

  3. Yes, you should be impressed, coddy.

    It’s not about one player being better than the other – the force of the tackle is impressive, the way that you can’t help but wince at the impact is impressive, and the way van Gisbergen gets straight up is also impressive.

  4. It would have been good if it was a tackle but the English like to Americanise everything, hence the “hit” terminology.

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