Video of the week: 1989 Irish face down the Haka

Ireland take on New Zealand in Dublin this weekend, needing a near miracle to beat the world champions after their capitulation to Australia last weekend. Perhaps they should follow the example of the 1989 Irish side, who chose to stare down the Kiwis as they performed their pre-game ritual. Mind you, it didn’t do a great deal of good – they still lost.

As an extra, here’s some footage and interviews from the last, and only, time New Zealand failed to beat Ireland… a 10-10 draw in 1973. That year, they denied the All Blacks a Grand Slam. Surely this time they can’t deny them a perfect year?

4 thoughts on “Video of the week: 1989 Irish face down the Haka

  1. I remember watching that 89 match as a kid, Irish started out possessed.

    It’s a shame the haka is become something performed on a “stage” for the opposition to just watch. What’s the point of issuing a challenge if it can’t be answered?

  2. I cannot believe the crowd. We could that sort of support in Landsdowne on sunday. As it have become quite corporate and turgid of late.

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