Video: Paul O’Connell’s 4-week ban for this punch

According to Munster’s Twitter feed, Paul O’Connell has been banned for 4 weeks following his red card for Munster against the Ospreys.

Here’s the clip of the incident – do you think 4 weeks is a little harsh?


9 thoughts on “Video: Paul O’Connell’s 4-week ban for this punch

  1. Can’t understand how POC got 4wks for this and yet Kevin Mealamu only got 2 wks for his head butt on Moody!!! Not disagreeing with the sentencing of POC only the continued inconsistency of the entire disciplinary system

  2. Mealamu’s original sentence was a 4-week ban, reduced to 2 on appeal. That seemed a little worse to me, and I would expect POC to appeal this – maybe that’s what they are expecting?

    Also, should the fact that he was red-carded be taken into account? Maybe it was.

  3. Was it a red card offence? Or did the referee get it wrong? It was definitely dangerous but I personally don’t think it was intentional – JT was illegally pulling POC back and POC was just lashing out (which all players do) to try and break the other players grip on his shirt. Problem is that he connected with JT’s head and not something like his arm. Also, is it just me did was JT pretending he was a football player with the way he spent so long on the floor? Definitely expecting POC to appeal.

  4. Just had this through from the ERC:

    After hearing submissions from both parties and considering the evidence, the independent Judicial Officer, HHJ Jeff Blackett (England) upheld the red card and determined that the act had been deliberate but that there had been no intention to injure Mr Thomas.

    The independent Judicial Officer found that the offence was in the mid range (entry point: 5 weeks) of the level of seriousness for an offence of this type. Having taken into account any mitigating factors, such as Mr O’Connell’s good disciplinary record, the independent Judicial Officer reduced the suspension from the entry point by one (1) week which resulted in the final suspension of four (4) weeks. Mr O’Connell will be free to play from 10 January, 2011.

    Law 10.4 (a) Striking – A player must not strike an opponent.

  5. 4 weeks is about right for this. I don’t think Thomas took a dive, and he got six stitches for his troubles. O’Callaghan was holding back/down Mike Phillips on several occasions during the game, but imagine the Red uproar if Phillips had smashed him in the face?

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