Visit Man MOT during Men’s Health Week

ManMOTAs Men’s Health Week gets under way, the Man MOT clinic is open every evening for those seeking confidential medical advice.

Statistics show that men are less likely to visit their GP than women if they have a health concern and can often worry about wasting their doctor’s time. However, by not seeing a GP, serious health conditions could be going undetected and undiagnosed.

The theme for this year’s Men’s Health Week (June 13th-19th) is ‘Get Online’, which encourages men to search for good health information effectively, and that’s where Man MOT can help.

Man MOT is the UK’s first online surgery set up exclusively for men, funded by Pfizer and supported by Diabetes UK, Family Planning Association, HEART UK, Men’s Health Forum, National Obesity Forum, Relate and Sexual Advice Association.

The surgery offers medical advice on a broad range of health issues from qualified GPs in a convenient, confidential, online environment. Sex and relationship expert Tracey Cox and Relate counsellors also host a series of specialist sexual health and relationship clinics to talk about issues that men may find too embarrassing to discuss with their GP in person.

The clinic is normally open every Monday between 6pm and 10pm. During Men’s Health Week the clinic will be open every evening between 6pm and 10pm.

Please visit for more information.

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