Wales prove that favourites tag is well-deserved

Wales looked accomplished and dangerous in their defeat of Scotland by 26 points to 13 at Murrayfield.

The pace of their attack, the strength of their forwards and the quality of their possession meant that Wales were never really in the game.

For several phases, the Welsh would keep the ball alive expertly, offloading in tackles and recycling quickly at the breakdown, and as a result they look the most dangerous team in the competition – by some distance.

More detailed analysis to follow, but please do share your opinions in the meantime.

6 thoughts on “Wales prove that favourites tag is well-deserved

  1. Yeah, I have to say I’m in agreement. Quite apart from a newfound ruthlessness in attack (6 line breaks, 4 tries – that’s not a bad ratio!), and the ever-growing stature of players like Lee Byrne, Shane Williams, Jamie Roberts, Andy Powell, Mike Philips and Alun Wyn Jones, each of whom is beginning to look something like imperious, there’s just the all-round solidity to their game. I’ve never seen a Welsh side look so ‘un-flaky’. I mean, sure, there’s room for improvement. But my summary of yesterday would be that they went to Murrayfield, never an easy ground to go to (as many a Welsh, French or English side could testify to), and they dispatched Scotland with something approaching disdain. Hats off boys, I’m impressed.

  2. I see the latest news is that Shane Williams, Ryan Jones and Gavin Henson have till Thursday to prove fitness. Fascinating to see what WG will do, assuming all are fit. Ryan Jones as captain will almost certainly come back but Dafydd Jones didn’t look like a second-best. The real interest is the Henson question. I declare my interest – I think he’s overrated (there I’ve said it), he has the talent but rarely shows it either for Ospreys or Wales. He certainly offers a different option at 12, allowing a first and second five-eighths approach and that may make the difference. Shanklin is a bit one-dimensional, I admit. I would stay with the same 15, except that Ryan Jones will come back. I’d keep Henson on the bench to make an impact and change approach if and when needed (similar to the Hook role – I wouldn’t start him either). Anyway only my opinion but food for thought for those who disagree (or agree).

  3. Shane will play against England , in fact I would bet my house (admittedly worth a lot less at the moment) on it .

    Ryan Jones will be back if fit as captain no reflection on Dafydd Jones that as he was solidagainst the Scots.

    Henson (if fit ) or Shanklin is the choice to be made Jamie Roberts is hardly likely to be dropped . I

  4. Comment continued !!

    I have a sneaking suspicion that Henson will get the nod . Shanklin did well , burst through a few Scots tackles ran over one or two too and scored a try. It’s just that Gatland has drooled over the Henson/Roberts combination in training with Henson’s sleight of hand and passing and Roberts’ angles of running off him .Great to be in this position of possible choice really .

    The only fly in the ointment on Saturday was the last twenty minutes which I put down to taking the foot off the pedal , too many changes off the bench at once and primarily Martin Williams’ yellow card which I felt was a bit harsh considering where the offence occured . I suspect the ref’s knowledge of Nuggets’ skill level meant he wasn’t going to give him any lee-way .It just shows what a link player he is -probably our most valuable player overall.

    Oh yes and in a tighter game get the kicks over boys !!

  5. It was great to see the confidence in the Welsh team last Saturday – pre-match favourites and played like it. I watched the Welsh linesout with my heart in my mouth: would previous flakiness continue? They creaked a bit, but held up in the end. For me, the front row were the heroes of the day. I accept that Scotland had injury and selection problems, but the Scottish front row was comprehensively destroyed and on the back foot for much of the game. The backs were inventive, but without the platform built by the forwards they would not have been as effective. I hope this week’s training includes much place-kicking practice!

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