Wales squad for Autumn Internationals 2012

Wales logoInterim head coach Rob Howley has named a 35-man squad to take part in the Autumn Internationals in November.

Dan Biggar gets a recall, Jamie Roberts is fit and included again and the Ospreys prop Aaron Jarvis is the only uncapped player.

What do you make of the squad?

Wales squad:

S Andrews (Blues), R Bevington (Ospreys), P James (Bath), A Jarvis (Ospreys), G Jenkins (Toulon), R Hibbard (Ospreys), K Owens, M Rees (Scarlets), B Davies (Blues), L Charteris (Perpignan), I Evans, A-W Jones (Ospreys), T Faletau (Dragons), R Jones (Ospreys), R McCusker, A Shingler, J Turbull (Scarlets), J Tipuric (Ospreys), S Warburton (Blues, capt).

L Halfpenny (Blues), L Williams (Scarlets), A Cuthbert (Blues), G North (Scarlets), H Robinson (Blues), A Beck (Ospreys), J Davies (Scarlets), J Roberts (Blues), S Williams (Scarlets), D Biggar (Ospreys), J Hook (Perpignan), R Priestland, T Knoyle (Scarlets, M Phillips (Bayonne), L Williams (Blues).

16 thoughts on “Wales squad for Autumn Internationals 2012

  1. Very much as expected – strong squad on paper, not sure about Warburton as captain – been out of sorts of late – require a captain who is certain to be picked

  2. Justin tipuric must surely be first choice seven for wales. That guys been keeping the ospreys in touch all season.

  3. Who to play at 10 is my worry, do we go with Priestland ( who in all fairness gets the three quarters moving )and leave the kicking to Halfpenny or give Hooky another crack of the whip, an area we really struggle with at present.

    1. I’d go for priest land. Once he develops a good run of form he’ll be more valuable than hooky. I’d go with priestland and if all looks lost bring hooky on for some individual brilliance.

  4. I never thought I would say this … but we have to start with Biggar at ten. For 70 minutes against Leics he was fantastic – controlling, dominant, tactically spot on, superb kicking. When the commentators reminded me he was still only 23 I was amazed. He should be able to grow into a brilliant ten … if we he doesn’t let the last ten minutes of the game become his normal standard. Petulant (turned a free kick into a kickable penalty when he mouthed off at the ref), naive (that interception pass was telegraphed) and a lack of composure under pressure (he kicked the ball down their end much less in that last ten).

    Priestland’s confidence still looks shot. Hooky … he has had so many chances to show he’s more than a super sub but he never has.

    What is the back row going to be? Warb/Fale/Jones or Tip/Fale/Jones or some other comb?

    PS. There is a typo in the team list, it’s Turnbull, not Turbull.

  5. Biggar on form needs to be picked doesn’t he? Can’t rely on Hook at 10 because of his wishy-washy form and Priestland still needs to work on his performances after the WC, hardly impressive.

  6. Howley,, why are we wasting an oportunity to bring in someone different.

    if we have Hook as understudy to 10 an 15 why do we need both priestland and biggar?

    surley its a waste of potential that we could have brought in another center or even an extra forward.

    i cant help but think gatland is rubbing his hands saying to himself about howley “yep mate its all yours”

    1. What other extra forward or back could be added?

      Picking Scott Andrews and Aaron Jarvis shows the lack of depth in the front row. Hookers pick themselves. You can’t really add anyone to the second row. Could possibly bring in openside Navidi for experience, but can’t really think of anyone else who has stuck their hands up for selection there.

      Hughes would have been an interesting selection for an extra back. Can’t think of any other centres who are in outstanding form though.
      But keep in mind that Howley’s probably going to start Biggar against Samoa or Argentina to see how he handles the pressure and start Priestland against NZ and Aus (depending on how Biggar goes of course) with Hook on the bench for his experience and versatility.

      We’re aiming for a 4th place ranking, no time for experimenting this time round.

  7. Mike.

    your argument about outside halfs makes no sense.

    Biggar had a shocking start to the season and priestland even worse.
    the autum internationals are the place to experiment. woudl you suggest we expreiment against the english?? or France?? or Ireland???
    Howley doent need to pick 3 outside halfs in a team,
    Fussel is talent being overlooked, infact if you want to have 3 outside halfs pick mathew morgan and blood him for a few mins if we can afford to sit hook and biggar or preistland on the bench then why not get a new blood on there.
    ryan bevington was being turned inside out by cole at the tigers last weekend and cole isnt the best as soon as jonesy came on Cole coudlnt live with him.

    1. Fussell??!?!!!!


      Did you read what i wrote?
      I said the Autumn internationals will dictate the world cup seedings, we are aiming to be in the top 4.
      We also need to win against SH opposition now to progress as a side, we can’t just be happy with winning the 6 nations… although that is probably the pinacle for you and a lot of other Welsh supporters sadly.

      There really isn’t any possibility of experiment against any of our oppositions, they are all bloody good teams, i’d argue better than most of the 6 nations sides we will face.

      Your Fly half argument makes no sense.
      Why can’t we have 3 fly halves in the squad? Priestland isn’t in great form, Biggar is unproven and Hook is shaky, we need to have options. But they are the best at the moment.
      Matthew Morgan? Just NO. He needs to have a good game for the Ospreys in a competitive fixture first.

      1. I have to agree with Mike here that the AIs (at least the ones where we can field a full strength team) are more important than the 6 Nations right now. We are 6 nations champs so now it is time to see if we can beat a SH team. Winning the 6 nations again while being beaten convincingly by Aus and NZ and Arg would not be a good season (as much as winning the 6 nations is always fantastic).

        Fussel? Huh? We’re fine with wings, we need more fly halves and props.

        Biggar started badly but recently has been excellent.

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