Wales squad for RBS 6 Nations 2013

Rob Howley has named the Wales squad to prepare for this season’s Six Nations tournament.

Captain Sam Waburton will lead the side as they prepare to defend their 2012 RBS 6 Nations title and will be joined in the squad by uncapped Blues back-row colleagues Josh Navidi and Andries Pretorius.

Second row duo James King (Ospreys) and Andrew Coombs (Dragons) have also been called into the squad for the first time alongside Ospreys wing Eli Walker.

Scott Andrews (Blues), Craig Mitchell (Exeter Chiefs), Adam Jones (Ospreys) Paul James (Bath), Gethin Jenkins (Toulon), Ryan Bevington (Ospreys), Richard Hibbard (Ospreys), Ken Owens (Scarlets), Matthew Rees (Scarlets), Ryan Jones (Ospreys) Lou Reed (Blues), Ian Evans (Ospreys), James King (Ospreys), Andrew Coombs (Dragons), Josh Turnbull (Scarlets), Josh Navidi (Blues), Aaron Shingler (Scarlets), Justin Tipuric (Ospreys), Sam Warburton (Scarlets), Toby Faletau (Dragons), Andries Pretorius (Blues)

Tavis Knoyle (Scarlets), Mike Phillips (Bayonne), Lloyd Williams (Blues), Dan Biggar (Ospreys), James Hook (Perpignan), Jonathan Davies (Scarlets), Jamie Roberts (Blues), Scott Williams (Scarlets) Alex Cuthbert (Blues), George North (Scarlets), Eli Walker (Ospreys), Leigh Halfpenny (Blues), Liam Williams (Scarlets), Lee Byrne (Clermont).

“We have put together a very experienced squad and complimented that by rewarding the in-form players with a call-up,” said Howley.
“The players in the squad have been playing really well and we have been pleased with their individual performances.
“We have a group of players who know how to win big matches and have experienced success. We are adding to that, players who have stood out and performed well for the regions this season.”

27 thoughts on “Wales squad for RBS 6 Nations 2013

  1. Navidi has been going well and deserves his call up .Nothing against Pretorius but I don’t really like residential qualification call ups though everyone does it .

    Lydiate and Alan Wyn Jones to be added hopefully but other long term injuries included that’s about the best squad we could expect at the moment . Eli Walker’s inclusion I’m particularly excited about particularly.

    Glad for Rhys Patchell’s sake that he is left out at the moment too. Develop him properly take him to Japan etc etc and I’d lay good odds on him being Welsh OH at the next World Cup but too early yet for him to get the WElsh Goldfish bowl experience .

    1. Agreed – the Henry Fourie situation has reinforced my view – if you haven’t got the right to a passport, you should be playing for them

  2. Lots of injuries, but still a talented squad if they can put it together. Still not sure about the firepower in the front five though. It might be where they come up short. Time will tell!

    Also generally pleased they left out Patchell for his sake. He needs more time to develop IMO, but he is a good talent.

    There might be some new faces in the Welsh Irish game – going to be a fascinating one. Looking forward to it despite not supporting either!

    1. I think you could be correct about the front five being where Wales are most weakened. The back line appears to be virtually at full strength.

      Wales v Ireland is definitely (obviously actually) the game of the opening round.

      1. My tix just arrived – agreed that this should be a cracking match. Glad I’m going to it, hope I don’t regret the £160 (1 for me, 1 for my son) by the end of the day… Stupid, stupid, stupid kick off time though. 1:30. Barely enough time for a few pints.

  3. Should have called up Gough as short term 2nd row cover. If injuries are kind then 2nd row of Jones and Evans should see us well – I’m not convinced by Lou Reed and I’m worried about the debutants in the 2nd row.

    Also glad Patchell did not get thrown in – not good for him and also would not have been good for Hook.

    Eli Walker could be excellent – be good to mix it up a bit from the big/hard wingers we’ve focused on in the last few years.

    I see the English press are v. happy that other countries are now also picking non domestically born players as two broadsheets have lead their team announcement with “Wales pick SA born…” style headlines. :-)

    1. An interesting comment here brighty “other countries are now also picking non domestically born players”. You make it sound like England are the only team to have selected non domestically born players for about the last twenty years.

      1. Dazza, my attempt at humour has fallen flat again, even when using the :-). Yes, I know, Wales have made considerable use of overseas players. No dig intended at England, more a dig at the lame English press for focusing on that as the headline to the announcement when it should have been something about Walker, or 5 uncapped players, or anything else…

          1. Mostly backs but they come freely. Go and play 10 man rugby in England or come to Wales and play some ball? Easy choice…

            (this is tongue in cheek obviously but I know someone will take it the wrong way if I am not explicit)

        1. I don’t think the press anywhere know how to focus on the positives! Good to see some new fresh faces in the Welsh squad. It’s funny how sometimes having so many injuries gives players a chance to put their hand up, and it’s often the best way to find out if they’re good enough.

  4. Front five does look weakened, and I would worry for Wales if Biggar and Hook are the only options at 10. I’m not sure either are in their best form at the moment.

  5. I’ve written out below what I’m guessing the Wales team will be. Give me some criticism where you think i’ve gone wrong…

    1. James (Gethin not really playing much)
    2. Rees
    3. A Jones
    4. R Jones
    5. Ian Evans
    6. Mcusker (is lydiate going to be fit?)
    7. Warburten (should be Tipuric)
    8. Faletau
    9. Phillips
    10. Biggar (Hook is playing pretty well for perpignon tho…)
    11. North/Walker?
    12. Roberts
    13. Davies
    14. Cuthbert
    15. 1/2p

    1. well as neither mcclusker and lydiate are in the squad i’ve no idea who is going to play 6! tipuric, shingler, navidi, ryan jones, pretorius? Tipuric is in such good form he may be worth playing out of position just to be on the pitch.

      only other changes I would make is hibbard at 2 if hes fit, James King at 4, hes playing well and a proper lock. Ryan Jones is the perfect cover-5-positions sub now. And I’d go for Walker at 11 over North, on form and on the different styles of wingers hopefully diversifying the game plan a little!

  6. Glad to see Eli Walker get the call up, he’s been awesome for the Ospreys recently.

    Definitely weak in the front 5, and lacking depth in centre. JJV is reliable as ever, but Jamie Roberts has been injured more than he’s been on the pitch, and we haven’t got great cover there (Scott Williams doesn’t fill me with faith…).

    Not sure about the Patchell decision. I was quite disappointed in it originally, but reading the comments here has made me think it might have been a good decision. We’ve seen how much pressure got piled on Priestland and how badly it did him, so maybe we should just give Patchell some more time…

    Can’t see us doing better than 3rd, and that would be an achievement in all honesty. England, France and Ireland all have stronger teams on form and on paper.

    1. I am not convinced by Patchell anyway – looks to much in the mold of Neil Jenkins / Stephen Jones, not necessarily a bad thing but depends on the style of rugby you want to achieve i suppose – not alot of 10’s with flair coming out of our factory at the moment. Agreed our front five looks a little suspect – please prove me wrong though

  7. I don’t understand why Warburton is the captain, he is not anywhere near as good as Tipuric and if he is picked to captain the Lions there will be real problems. North is so one dimensional as well if I was Welsh I would definitely want Walker to play.

  8. There seems to be the old story of internal politics within the Welsh camp which are not doing Welsh Rugby any favors from grass roots to our International Team. This seems to be a historical cycle over the last 30 years and until a new structure is in place there will never be any sort of consistency.

  9. I think you take Wales at your peril , I remember them playing in the 2007 World Cup losing the Fiji .

    Then coming back and beating England at twickenham and then going on and winning the grandslam again !

    Same has last year there autumn campaign was awful losing three in a row after losing to France in the World Cup semi final , yet coming back and winning in Dublin when absolutely no one gave them a chance , and then go on too win yet another Grand slam .

  10. Until Wales start picking on form and not using their “well he was good at the World Cup” selection theory they won’t move forward. The laws of rugby have changed in the last 18 months, Wales haven’t. Even if they did pick the most in form 15 available Howley’s credentials & ability as an International coach are sorely lacking. England Grand Slam for me, Wales might pip the Italians to the wooden spoon

  11. There you go everyone has there own opinion !
    Though I have seen it to many times they have a bad run in the Autumn and seem to come back and beat everyone in the six nation’s though I think France will win the tournament out right .

    Though I think your being very optimistic in picking England because they lost against the Australians and the bok’s , mind you did they really beat a New Zealand team having been very ill two days before the actual game with the New Zealandeers having just one training session I am not quite sure .

    Wales got a lot of injuries but have the best back line in the northern hemisphere if not one of thee best in the world displaying there skills in Australia , though I think they will beat Scotland and England and Italy , I have to go for Ireland being Irish though lol , but I’m a rugby fan firstly and love running rugby .

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