Wales team to face Ireland

Gavin Henson is in and Jamie Roberts is out in the most notable of eight changes to Warren Gatland’s Wales team to play Ireland this weekend.

Is this team strong enough to beat the Irish?

Wales: Lee Byrne; Mark Jones, Tom Shanklin, Gavin Henson, Shane Williams; Stephen Jones, Mike Phillips; Gethin Jenkins, Matthew Rees, Adam Jones, Ian Gough, Alun-Wyn Jones, Ryan Jones (capt), Martyn Williams, Andy Powell.

Replacements: Huw Bennett, John Yapp, Luke Charteris, Dafydd Jones, Warren Fury, James Hook, Jamie Roberts.

7 thoughts on “Wales team to face Ireland

  1. A little surprised to see Henson start ahead of Roberts, especially with Jones starting and Hook on the bench. Also surprised and dissappointed to see no Peel – and thats coming from an Englishman. Strong team though and should push Ireland to their limits.

  2. Peel’s injured and couldn’t be considered, same for Cooper. I hope Mike Phillips stays the course (no reflection on Fury but it’s not a game to make your 6 nations debut).

    Personally I’m happy with Henson & Shanklin. Roberts’ day will come. Henson seems to be able to get under BOD’s skin.

  3. I think Shanklin deserved his place and Henson compliments him better than Roberts. My worry is at scrum-half, Irland will be looking for a few big hits and if he has to go off we could be in trouble.

    Wales by less than 7.

  4. Reading the various papers today about the upcoming match, ““i’m struck by the extent to which Welsh commentators and coaches are attacking and seeking to demean the Irish team and its record this year………………protesting too much?????????

  5. This hatred that Gatland is trying to instil in his Welsh team towards the Irish is going to back fire, and it wont help the bonding process for the Lions tour either. Anyway the Munster players will see this as another cup final, were they won the Heineken cup in Cardiff in 06 & 08, the Leinster and Munster teams usually have the beating of their Welsh counterparts in Europe or Magners, simply because they are the better players, so if they play their A game they WILL win, there’s be nothing the Welsh can do about it. Elementary my dear Gatland!!!

  6. I would prefer Gatland not to be doing this its another introduction from “soccer” we could do without but he obviously thinks he gets something out of it.As far as the players on either side taking any notice well Shanklins come out in print with enough praise for BOD and Ryan Jones has concentrated on Irelands attributes too so take it all with a pinch of salt.

    On the media war oh come on John that’s a bit precious it doesn’t take much to find Irish pundits banging on about Wales’ lucky Grand Slams presumably thats all 10 of them then , they’ve all got web-sites to fill and papers to sell after all.

    Willie you are Irish presumably and understandably worked up about a Grand Slam prospect but the truth is the teams and individual players are very evenly matched and Wales are at home and hence are the bookies favourites to win . Put it this way if they do get the Slam they will have earned it.Munster ain’t Ireland and you will not have a majority support in the stadium this time.

    Fakey I’m with you all the way on this “fake war ” business though but in reply CYMRU AM BYTH ! What do you think about the odds though.

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