18 thoughts on “Wales 16 France 9: Post-match Reaction

  1. Another game with a forward pass. The refs have been awful in this championship. Well done Wales, deserved, maybe today. Why didn’t France go for the try instead of the posts.

  2. Wales were very impressive and I say that through gritted teeth but they really deserved the grand slam. I was so disappointed by France. To see a French side going for a drop goal when in an attacking position in the opposition 22 says it all. Wales need to build on this unlike with their previous slams. Still think they are vulnerable to injuries especially with their props.

  3. Well Done Wales you desereved the Grand Slam and enjoy your celebrations.
    Been a great 6Nations and look foward to next year. Have a good drink boyo,s

  4. Congrats to Wales, Lydiate shouldn’t have the 6 shirt, he should be given a 666 shirt, what a beast.

    Australia beware of the touring team in red, not the 2013 lions, the 2012 Welsh.

    1. I agree Matt.

      At this rate, the Lions might well be a Welsh tour side as well!

      Current Lions starters:

      1. Jenkins
      2. Best
      3. Jones
      4. A W Jones
      5. Gray
      6. Lydiate
      7. Warburton
      8. Morgan
      9. Philips
      10. Priestland
      11. North
      12. Roberts
      13. Tuilagi
      14. Bowe
      15. Halfpenny

      16. Cole
      17. Rees
      18. Healey/Corbisiero
      19. Botha/D Ryan
      20. Blair/Dickson
      21. Farrel/Sexton
      22. Kearney

      Foden, Barritt, Cuthbert, Brad Davies, Ferris, Robshaw, Wood, O’Brian, Faletau


    I really find it hard to say this but Wales were the best team, they won when they played well, they won when they played badly, they were put under serious pressure against Ireland, England and France and came through every time, that means their the best.

    France were dissapointing the whole champ, this was no exception, I struggle to understand how bad the backs are, the french have a lot of faults but basic technique is not one of them, normally. A couple of players have retired and a few more will go. PSA needs to put his stamp on the team.

    Wales need to create more behind the scrum but that is to get better, not saying their not already good. With the age of this team there are no limits

  6. WHAT A CHAMPIONSHIP ! GRAND SLAM AGAIN ! As always the games had me on the edge of my seat all the way through ,there might not have been classic rugby on display but the tension ……. a good advert for rugby as a sport .
    The moment of the tournament for me was the wait while the fourth official debated the try or no try for England vs Wales …. COULD HAVE GONE EITHER WAY,…..and as a welshman surrounded by english friends in twickenham would not have argued that England deserved a draw …. but i won lots of beers and it has been a long time coming at twickers !
    Finally i think this young welsh side has so much potential ,they have now proved that they can win under pressure .. next step to do it against the southern hemisphere teams ..Then who knows ……. WHAT A WAY TO CELEBRATE THE LIFE AND TIMES OF A GREAT PLAYER ,THIS WAS FOR YOU MERV ! REST IN PEACE !

  7. Fantastic results over the last 2 months. Well done Wales. I’ve been reading (in other blogs) about how Wales were lucky to beat England, and that they (England) should have won. They need reminding that even if the ‘try’ was given, Flood (I believe) would have had an incredibly difficult kick, and had he succeeded it would still have been a draw, they would have needed to score again. It was not a fluke that Wales didn’t concede any tries during the last 3 games. They are not a Great team, they are a Great squad.

    1. No, no, no – as an Englishman, I can categorically say that Wales beat us and (although it pains me to say) that they were the best team. You can always have lots of ifs and buts, however in the end you make your own luck and the officiating decisions tend to even out in the end (unless you’re an all black when you’re always in credit!)

      Enjoy your Grand Slam – we’ll see you in Cardiff next year and we’ll have 12 months of teamwork under our belts by then!

      1. Staggy really looking forward to it should be a great game .

        Thick headed this morning anyone in Cardiff yesterday will know what a party is like .

        France saved their best well their best defence to last but ironically after the roof debate they were hindered by slipping defenders on the wet turf for Cuthbert’s try.

        The team deserved it and in some respects as this was a Slam more by design than the other two it gives a deeper satisfaction not a long held release of pent up emotion like 05 or a return of respect after a World Cup debacle like 08 but a hope of a more secure bedrock for future prospects .

    1. 1. Jenkins
      2. Best
      3. Jones
      4. Parling
      5. Gray
      6. Lydiate
      7. Warburton
      8. Morgan
      9. Phillips
      10. Farrell
      11. North
      12. Roberts
      13. Tuilagi
      14. Bowe
      15. Kearney

      I doubt that will be the team though. Especially with Jenkins and Jones getting on. Either could fall out of form and they are both injury prone, so we play the waiting game.

  8. Well done Wales on yet another grandslam. Just shows what a bit of youth, adventure and a little bit of luck can do. Can’t wait for the summer tours now, I really hope the home nations give the southern lads a hard time. I think looking at the table, it really does reflect how well each team played overall in the tournemant.

  9. match truqué par l’arbitrage injustifié , comme pour la coupe du monde .
    que faire de cet arbitre ?
    LA FRANCE mérite la victoire sur ce match , aux vues de vos commentaires , vous n’avez visiblement rien compris .

    1. We outplayed you, we won. You played your best match of the tournament and still lost by 7 points. End of story. As for the World Cup? It’s irrelevant. You barely deserved to get out of the pool stages, let alone reach the final.

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